Bawara Dil 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Siddhi faces Police interrogation

Bawara Dil 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jalwa telling two people they won’t spare the attacker. Siddhi comes to hospital and asks Jalwa where is Shiva. Jalwa tells her not to feel sad. Shiva will be fine. Siddhi looks broken and Mangal blames Siddhi for Shiva’s condition. She says everything happened because of Siddhi. Siddhi pleads Mangal she wants to meet Shiva for once. Vijaya tells Mangal to not treat Siddhi like this as she only saved Shiva. Siddhi starts crying. Malini comes and consoles Siddhi. Siddhi says she wants to see Shiva. Inspector arrives and says he wants to interrogate Siddhi.

He asks Siddhi who is responsible for Shiva’s condition. Why did she jump into the water when everyone told her not to. Siddhi thinks because of Sonal she trusted Narpat and this happened. Siddhi says she will tell everything but before that she wants to see Shiva. Malini tells Siddhi to tell police what happened. Siddhi says to inspector, first catch the attacker who stabbed my husband and participated with knife by going against the rules. Inspector says he is getting confused. He asks Siddhi tell me everything clearly. Doctor comes and reveals Shiva has been given heavy dosage of sleeping drugs. Before he participated in competition someone gave the drug so that he falls unconscious under water. Inspector says the attacker smartly executed his plan. Siddhi recalls Narpat’s words. Nurse says Shiva’s condition is worsening. A panic-stricken Siddhi runs towards OT. She later demands answer from God why he didn’t show her right path while she was taking wrong decision. She cries and Vijaya consoles her. Siddhi shows her broken mangalsutra to Vijaya. Vijaya tells her it won’t affect her relationship as she is connected to Shiva by heart. Siddhi again ties the mangalsutra.

Narpat talks to someone regarding the attacker. He gives him task to save the attacker from police. Siddhi confronts Narpat and lashes out at him. She says he became so blind to get power that he even tried to kill Shiva. She says she will reveal the truth to Police and she will accept the punishment too. Narpat says he also has proof that Siddhi is involved with him. He shows her the videos where Siddhi is talking to Narpat. Siddhi says Shiva’s family will understand her for sure. Narpat laughs and says he will get released from jail as he is politican but Siddhi won’t be able to come out of jail, everyone will hate her for killing Shiva. Laskare family will throw her out. Siddhi says she believes Shiva will be fine. She holds the mangalsutra tightly saying she trusts its power. There doctor uses ventilator for Shiva. He struggles to breath.

Episode ends

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