Bawara Dil 3rd August 2021 Written Update: Yashwant stops Siddhi from leaving Shiva

Bawara Dil 3rd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Siddhi receiving Sonal’s call. Sonal starts crying and Siddhi tells her nothing will happen to Shiva. Shiva is struggling to breath. Siddhi rushes to see Shiva. Doctor gives shock therapy to Shiva. Siddhi’s mangalsutra falls on floor and she picks it up. She cries holding it. Siddhi and Sonal pray to God for Shiva. Shiva finally starts breathing and gets saved. Sonal says Shiva always cared for her, he risked his life for her. If anything happens to Shiva she will die. Doctor informs Siddhi that Shiva was not responding to the CPR therapy at first but later he got better and its no less than a miracle. Now he is fine but he is still unconscious. Siddhi gets happy to hear that and hugs Mangal. She says Shiva is not weak and nothing will happen to him.

Mangal pushes her and blames her saying she is responsible for Shiva’s condition. Why Narpat called her and what were they discussing before the competition. Mangal says surely Siddhi and Narpat made a plan to kill Shiva. Vijaya says Siddhi only saved Shiva then how can Mangal accuse her. Mangal replies Siddhi never accepted Shiva as her husband. She is bad omen and she should stay away from Shiva. Siddhi says she will leave Shiva forever if thats Mangal’s wish. She is about to leave but Yashwant stops her. He says she is Shiva’s Rukmini thus, she can’t leave her Bitthal. Siddhi hugs Yashwant and cries.

Yashwant enters OT to meet Shiva. Doctor says coma patients can feel what others are saying. So Yashwant should interact with Shiva. Yashwant says to Shiva Siddhi is crying badly for you. Please get up. He says Shiva got a wife who is just like him fearless and brave. Yashwant breaks down and Siddhi thinks Yashwant thinks she saved Shiva but the truth is different. Siddhi enters and Yashwant says he can’t see Shiva like this. He leaves. Siddhi holds Shiva’s hand and cries. She says to Shiva she is guilty for what she did, she adds wish I could stop you from jumping into the water. She pleads Shiva to get up as she can’t live with the guilt. Doctor days today is very crucial for Shiva, else he can’t tell what will happen to him. Sonal sees everything and blames herself.

Akkabai thinks if anything happens to Shiva, she will lose one of her faithful supporters. She can’t get another like him. Sarkar comes in inebriated state and claims he can take Shiva’s place and will not disappoint Akkabai. She should not worry. Sarkar faints and Akkabai calls Bhave. She asks about one make up artist who will make her look like a disturbed person. Akkabai says she wants to act like she spent a sleepless night and cried all night for Shiva as tomorrow she will go to meet his family.

Siddhi asks Yashwant why he didnt go home yet. Yashwant asks her will Shiva regain consciousness? Siddhi says she strongly believes that Shiva will be fine. Siddhi tells Jalwa that Shiva has to get his senses back tonight. Jalwa says its all his fault as he learned about the attacker’s background before the competition but he could not stop Shiva. Siddhi says atleast you tried to save him. Siddhi looks for Sonal and sees Sonal is going somewhere. She follows her. Other side, Sonal reaches Akkabai’s house and thinks she can go to any extent to save Shiva. She is about to ring the doorbell and Akkabai comes towards the door.

Episode ends

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