Bawara Dil 5th March 2021 Written Update: Siddhi throws stones at the window of Shiva’s house.

Bawara Dil 5th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Akka Bai refusing to know Shiva. She says to Bhave that cut ties with Shiva. Cut everything, messages, number etc. Bhave gets happy. Akka Bai says from now on we don’t any Shiva Laskare.

Shiva enters his house and receives a grand welcome from everyone in the family. Shiva’s mother says we are living a luxurious life because of you only. You have won the battle in police station. Shiva says I am feeling hungry. At dinner table seeing puran poli, Shiva’s father says your son ruined our respect and you are giving special dish to him?

He leaves without eating food and leaves money for the food. Shiva gets offended and says what does he want to prove that he has self respect or he tries to prove my earning as black money. He thinks it as hotel not a house. Shiva’s mother says don’t disrespect the food. Eat it.

Masterji gets to know from one person that perhaps Siddhi and Shiva have something between them. He says I heard goons were beating Gaurav and taking Shiva’s name repeatedly. I guess they are hiding something. Masterji says don’t talk ill about my daughter. They have no feelings for each other. Siddhi overhears everything and gets angry.

Shiva does excercise. His sister Sony comes there and says she is going for a trip with her friends. She will come back soon. Shiva takes details from her. Sony asks her about the kidnapping whether he is really involved into it or not. Shiva says people like to talk bad about others.

Don’t give importance to them. Shiva then send one of his men behind Sony to check on her and then he sends another man to spy on the first man. Shiva says I have to be alert all the time. I don’t want any of my loved ones to betray me. So I am taking precaution beforehand.

Siddhi meets Meher. Meher gives her courage saying she can’t give up hope. She is strong and can give befitting reply to that person who hurt her.

Shiva says to his mother that the new television set has come. Shiva’s mother gets excited seeing new TV. she says now I can watch all my favorite serials.

Siddhi recalls that person’s words who was saying Shiva’s men attacked Gaurav. She angrily goes to Shiva’s house and starts throwing stones at the windows of his house. Windows get broken. Shiva’s family wonder who is doing it. One stone hits new television set and the set gets broken. Siddhi feels devastated. Shiva’s mother gets mad at Siddhi and she goes outside. She says how dare you throw stones at my house. Siddhi looks at her angrily. Shiva’s mother gets to know that Siddhi is the girl who lodged complaint against Shiva.

Siddhi’s mother says because of you my son spent night in jail. I will not spare you. Masterji comes and Shiva’s mother claims money from him for all the damage. Masterji apologizes to her but Siddhi stops him saying these people should teach these things to their own son who ruined my dreams and life. He is getting what he deserves. Shiva’s mom gets angry. Masterji leaves with Siddhi.

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