Bawara Dil 5th May 2021 Written Update: Mangal scolds Siddhi for slapping Shiva

Bawara Dil 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shiva and Siddhi searching for the cockroach. They get closer and stare at each other. Siddhi shouts suddenly. Shiva tells Siddhi the cockroach is gone. I guess after hearing your scream it disappeared. Siddhi says are you sure. It can come anytime. Shiva says I am telling you it’s gone. Siddhi holds Shiva’s hand to get down from sofa. Siddhi is about to fall but Shiva holds her in his arms. Shiva thinks it’s the right time to take selfie. But in doing so Shiva releases Siddhi and she falls down. Siddhi gets annoyed and leaves. Shiva and Siddhi have lunch together. Siddhi gobbles her food quickly so that she can go to meet Ishvar. She thinks she has to leave the house as Shiva is behaving weirdly. Shiva feels he has to fulfil Agga Bai’s wish anyhow before Siddhi leaves. Siddhi notices Shiva is having extra salt. She says it’s not good for health. Shiva says it’s his wish. Shiva then changes his position while having lunch. He sits next to Siddhi and she asks him angrily what are you doing? Why are you coming close to me like this. Shiva makes excuse and says due to fear of cockroach he is giving her company. Shiva turns on his selfie camera and is about to take a picture but Siddhi leaves. Mangal on her way calls Shiva to know what he is doing. She thinks she can’t let them come closer.

Siddhi takes her books and purse. Shiva again attempts to take selfie but then he gets Jalwa’s call. He asks Jalwa what kind of work is this? It’s looks silly, Jalwa says then I am informing Agga Bai that you couldn’t take selfie. Shiva stops him and says yes I will fulfil her wish. Siddhi talks to Ishvar. Shiva goes behind her and cuts Mangal’s call. Mangal reaches home and goes to Shiva’s room. Shiva finds one cockroach behind Siddhi’s shoulder. He grabs it and Siddhi slaps him by mistake while turning back. Mangal gets shocked seeing Siddhi slapped Shiva. She asks why Siddhi did it? Shiva says it’s just misunderstanding. I was just catching the cockroach. Siddhi didn’t slap me. Shiva tells Mangal to take rest. Shiva before leaving takes the selfie with Siddhi angrily and sends it to Jalwa. Siddhi says again she committed mistake.

Jalwa gets disappointed looking at the selfie. He says Shiva and Siddhi are looking unhappy. Shoni also gets upset. Siddhi tells Shoni it was her reflex reaction. She didn’t slap Shiva knowingly. Shoni calls Shiva and tells Siddhi is feeling guilty. She didn’t mean it. She slapped you by mistake. Shiva replies that I return every favor. Tell this to Siddhi. Siddhi touches her cheek thinking now Shiva will also slap her.

Mangal gets angry and tells Vilas that she will not forgive Siddhi for slapping her son. She will teach Siddhi lesson. Yashwant says you misunderstood. Mangal drags Siddhi to Goddess. She says swear on God and tell that you didnt slap Shiva. Siddhi says she admits she slapped Shiva. But it was a reflex action. Later Yashwant explains Mangal practically what is reflex action. Siddhi tells please forgive me God for my mistake. She gets worried.

The Episode ends

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