Bawara Dil 7th April 2021 Written Update: Siddhi taunts Shiva

Bawara Di, Adittya Redij Pucs
"Like my last venture, this one will do great too", says Adittya Redij on his new show "Bawara Dil"

Bawara Dil 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Siddhi saying Gaurav’s truth will come out but what about the hatred she has for Shiva. Shiva says to Siddhi whatever Siddhi wants to do she can do but she can’t blame someone unnecessarily. Shiva says he thought Siddhi will be happy knowing about Gaurav news. But she did the opposite. He tells Siddhi to hurry up as they are getting late. Shiva says to Siddhi “if I was at your place I would have thanked God for the good news instead of blaming others.” Before leaving Siddhi prays to Bappa.

Shiva and Siddhi reach the resort. Manager tells them to come closer so that he can take a picture of Siddhi and Shiva. Manager keeps Shiva’s hand on Siddhi’s shoulder. Siddhi looks at Shiva angrily and pushes him. Siddhi feels happy thinking about Gaurav. Siddhi writes her name using Ishvar’s surname. Shiva reads it. Shiva asks manager if another room is available or not. Manager says if Shiva is facing any problem he will arrange another room for Shiva and Siddhi. Shiva tells Siddhi that in this hotel no other room is available except one. Shiva says he will stay in another resort.

Manager says Agga Bai was asking about Shiva and Siddhi. Shiva should not think of checking out. Siddhi tells manager to show them the room. Shiva and Siddhi enter together and rose petals fall on them. Shiva and Siddhi look at each other. Manager explains about all the services to them. Manager gives haldi milk to Shiva. He gives another surprise to Shiva and Shiva gets shocked seeing that. Siddhi starts smiling. Shiva scolds the manager for talking rubbish. Manager says you are our special guest. Shiva tells him to leave. He ruins all the decorations. Siddhi drinks the milk and stops Shiva. She taunts him and Shiva gets irked. He gets frustrated saying why Agga Bai sent him with Siddhi. He got stuck here. Siddhi says Shiva couldn’t understand Agga Bai’s politics till now.

Agga Bai just wants to show off she was right by sending Shiva and Siddhi on a honeymoon. Shiva says Siddhi doesn’t need to involve Agga Bai in this. As Siddhi is responsible for all these. She sent Shiva to jail. Siddhi again asks about Gaurav to Shiva. She says where did he lock Gaurav. Shiva says he is not lying. He doesn’t know about Gaurav. Siddhi reminds him of the police station incident where Shiva lied to inspector showing fake receipt of Pune. Siddhi says she doesn’t trust Shiva. Shiva says he will become mad after staying four days with Siddhi. Siddhi says “then you can leave right now. You can stay anywhere.”

Narpat gets happy seeing the hard disk. He instructs his men that this video should get viral tonight which will destroy Agga Bai’s image.

Shiva starts doing exercises. He shivers because of cold as well. Manager teases Shiva saying he never any guest like Shiva. Siddhi observes Shiva from balcony. She irritates him showing blanket. She sleeps on bed and Shiva turns on the light. He says he can’t sleep outside as its really cold outside. Siddhi can blindfold herself. Siddhi taunts him. Shiva takes blanket and pillow and sleeps on sofa.

Yashwant gets happy knowing that Gaurav is alive. He says it to Mangal saying now it’s proved Shiva is innocent. Mangal says “but what about Gaurav’s mother who cursed my son during wedding” Mangal says Gaurav’s mother should apologise to Shiva. Yashwant tells Gaurav’s mother was in shock that’s why she behaved like that.

Shiva wakes up from sleep and sees Siddhi is going to visit nearby places of Mahabaleshwar. Shiva stops her saying Siddhi can’t go alone , they will have to go together else manager can misinterpret. Agga Bai will be angry. Siddhi says she will wait for five minutes only. Shiva looks at her. She tells Shiva to hurry up.

The Episode ends.

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