Bawara Dil 8th June 2021 Written Update: Siddhi fires Malvika from her job

Bawara Dil 8th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Malvika looking for Shiva. Mangal notices her and asks her is she finding Shiva? Malvika tries to make excuse but Mangal says she can understand her feelings, she tells Shiva is working out. Malvika can check. Malvika goes outside to check. Mangal thinks Malvika can help her in separating Shiva and Siddhi.

Malvika starts flirting with Shiva while he was working out. She gets close to him and says when does he go to gym? Shiva gets embarrassed and tries to maintain distance but she tries to touch him. Shiva tells her to teach Sonal as she must be waiting for her. Shiva leaves the place hurriedly and locks himself in room. He wears a jacket and covers himself fully. Malvika says one day she will get Shiva for sure.

Siddhi looks at Shiva and asks why is he wearing jacket. To which Shiva says he is feeling cold. Siddhi feels awkward. Shiva asks her about her eyes. She says I am fine. Later Siddhi adds she will go to attend exam by state bus. Shiva refuses and says he will drop her, she won’t go alone. Siddhi argues with her saying last time he reached police station. Shiva says it won’t happen always. He also says it won’t be practical in English. Siddhi gets surprised to hear that and gets happy. Later Shiva reveals he learned the English sentence from Malvika which angers Siddhi. She says I know many languages but you never learned anything from me. She shouts at him and Shiva calls her mad. He leaves the room and Siddhi throws his jacket.

Vijaya goes to bring lep for Vilas’s eye pain. Mangal informs Vilas how she troubled Siddhi and replaced her eye drop with chilli mixture. But Vijaya’s remedy cured her now she will attend her exam. Vilas says they will do something so that Siddhi doesn’t reach exam hall. Vilas says he will hide Siddhi’s hall ticket.

Siddhi searches for something under the table. Shiva gets scared to know that Siddhi is finding rat. Siddhi teases him saying whole Rudrait is afraid of him but he is scared of rats. Shiva doesnt accept it and says he hates rats only. Siddhi scares him saying its near him. Shiva stands on the desk. Vijaya reveals Shiva is scared of rats. Later Vijaya brings cage for catching the rat and Siddhi again scares Shiva and he runs after screaming.

Malvika is busy doing her make up and Sonal asks her to teach her properly. Siddhi gets angry and questions Malvika why is she being careless and not teaching Sonal. Malvika tells her not to interfere. She asks Siddhi has she read any English book? Mangal supports Malvika. Siddhi asks about Malvika’s qualification and also asks about the poem she is teaching Sonal. Malvika gets shocked. Siddhi explains about the author Alfred Tennyson and about his whereabouts. Malvika says she only teaches kids, Jalwa brought her here, it’s not her fault. Siddhi tells her to leave immediately. Malvika taunts Siddhi saying she knows how Siddhi and Shiva got married. So she won’t obey what Siddhi said. She won’t leave. Siddhi shuts her and says she is Shiva’s wife and she has the right to fire her. Malvika and Mangal get shocked. Sonal looks happy.

Episode ends

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