Bawara Dil 8th March 2021 Written Update: Siddhi wants to meet Gaurav hoping to make things right

Bawara Dil 8th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shiva’s mother getting upset over the fact the her 42 inch television set got ruined because of Siddhi. Shiva says forget about that, I will get you a net set again. Shiva’s mother says i thought to show it to everyone in the locality but it didn’t happen.

Yaswant says Shiva’s guilt is stopping him to take action against that girl. Shiva also ruined Siddhi’s life. Yashwant says you broke my trust. Shiva says for Sony’s sake believe me I have done nothing wrong with Siddhi. But if you don’t want to trust me then its your choice. He leaves.

Siddhi recalls everything and gets distressed. She shouts no. Ishbar says people like to taunt. Now they have reason to taunt us. I feel like leaving this village. Malini says then where shall we go? Its not the solution. It’s our destiny.

Narpat calls one reporter Vineet. He instigates him to gain information regarding Siddhi’s marriage. Vineet says Siddhi is disturbed. Its not good to trouble her again. Narpat forcefully tells him to follow his words as he has no other choice.

Shiva tries to enter Akka Bai’s house. Bhave stops him saying he can’t enter as Akka Bai refused to meet him. She doesn’t want any stain on her image. She rather likes to burn the clothes which has stain on it. Shiva touches the ground and leaves from there.

Meher meets Siddhi. She tells her to share her problem. Siddhi says my love Gaurav is not with me. I fear it will break my courage. Meher says you have to fight anyhow. Siddhi says to support truth I have to fight. I just feel I am losing something. Vineet comes and tells Siddhi to share everything about the incident. Siddhi starts telling and Vineet turns on the video camera in his phone. He records everything. Meher tells dont get scared. Also be careful. They say good bye to each other.

Akka Bai arrives for inauguration. She finds it difficult to cut the ribbon. Narpat comes and cuts the ribbon instead of her. Akka Bai says you can’t take my place by cutting the ribbon. Akka Bai challenges Narpat saying I am worthy more than you.

Journalists take pictures of her and Narpat. Narpat taunts her saying why doesn’t she take pictures with her husband? He gives her some hint about a news which can change everything. Akka Bai wonders what can be the news which he is talking about.

Vineet gives the video footage to Narpat. He tells him to blur Siddhi’s face as he doesn’t have the software. Narpat gives him money. Vineet says he only did it with good intention. He doesn’t want money. Narpat tells her partner to get the video viral saying Akka Bai is finished.

Siddhi says to her parents that its the day when she first met Gaurav. She keeps saying she has to meet Gaurav to make things right. Gaurav is angry with her so she will convince him only. He must be waiting for her. She will clear the misunderstanding. Ishvar says she won’t get bus at this time. She can go in early morning. Siddhi says everything will be alright very soon. She keeps her head on Malini’s lap. Ishvar gets worried for Siddhi.

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