Bawara Dil: Jaanvi to hug Shiva

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Colors TV newly launched show Bawara Dil has been dealing with lots of issues along with the complicated relationship of Shiva and Siddhi. The dirty politics of Agga Bai and Narpat are hinting at the inhumanity due to which one’s life can also be at stake. The blame game of these two politicians will affect Siddhi and Shiva’s life in which way only time will tell.

Previously its seen how Shiva got to know that Siddhi didn’t reach home yet. Yashwant rebuked Shiva as he doesn’t have Siddhi’s number. Later, Jaanvi tried to become friendly with Shiva. She told him that she came to Rudraik for some days. She asked Shiva to meet her often. Seeing them together Yashwant and Ishvar were surprised. Shiva got to know that bloodstains were found in Siddhi’s room and Ishvar accused Shiva. Shiva told him he will find Siddhi no matter what.

Soni other side showed anger to Mangal as she was celebrating with Vilas. Mangal talked ill about Siddhi that she might have eloped with her ex lover Gaurav. Mangal said she will find another suitable girl for Shiva. Malini also said to Ishvar that she won’t spare Shiva if something wrong happens to Siddhi. Shiva recalled memories related to Siddhi.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will see a shocking twist. Shiva will inform Jalwa about Siddhi. Jaanvi will come and surprisingly will tell about her helplessness to Shiva. She will say that she regrets the moment when she cut ties with Shiva and married someone else. Then Jaanvi will hug Shiva and Mangal will notice them and later she will discuss about this with Shiva. Shiva will express his anger saying right now he is only worried for Siddhi. Malini will also come to warn Shiva as she holds him responsible for the mishap.

Did Narpat kidnap Siddhi?

Will Jaanvi try to trap Shiva for her own reasons?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Bawara Dil stay tuned to this space.