Bawara Dil: Mangal to challenge Siddhi?

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Colors TV newly launched show Bawara Dil has been dealing with lots of issues along with the complicated relationship of Shiva and Siddhi. The dirty politics of Agga Bai and Narpat are hinting at the inhumanity due to which one’s life can also be at stake. The blame game of these two politicians will affect Siddhi and Shiva’s life in which way only time will tell. Siddhi is finally back to Rudrait. Shoni and Yashwant are trying to bring Siddhi and Shiva closer.

Previously its seen how Siddhi saw a nightmare that Shiva is slapping her. Later she found out that Shiva didn’t reach home yet. Shiva came back with news books for Siddhi. Siddhi got overjoyed and afterwards she imitated Shiva how he talks and how she replies. Shiva caught her doing so and Siddhi felt embarrassed. Siddhi thanked Shiva for the books. Shiva learned some English words from Shoni such as what we should say back if someone thanks you. Also all the best and Best of luck ets. Shiva told them to Siddhi and they had a cute funny moment together. Shiva was seen stopping Bunty Bablu from playing loud music as Siddhi has exams. Mangal encouraged them and they again tried to annoy Siddhi by playing music. Shiva got angry and he broke the music system. Mangal got shocked.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see that Mangal will challenge Siddhi saying she must have applied black magic on Shiva that’s why he is behaving this way and supporting Siddhi. Siddhi will get surprised and will try to defend herself but in vain. Mangal will say I am challenging you I will throw you out of the house very soon. You can’t trap me. Will Mangal separate Shiva and Siddhi? Will Siddhi stop Mangal from doing so?

Is Shiva falling for Siddhi slowly?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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