Bawara Dil: Narpat instigates Siddhi against Shiva

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Colors TV newly launched show Bawara Dil is entertaining the audience with its gripping storyline. Siddhi and Shiva who are different like ice and fire are married now. The misunderstanding between them will get solved or not time will tell. Previously it’s seen how Siddhi and Shiva in midway help one tempo driver. Shiva gets all the compliments from the driver but Siddhi gets angry due to that. She taunts Shiva.

Later Siddhi and Shiva reach late at temple and climb up the stairs with their legs tied. They face difficulties and argue with each other. Later Shiva tells about one process to Siddhi and they complete the ritual finally. They take blessings from God at temple and also pray that they are not at all compatible with each other so they should part ways soon. One priest notices Siddhi and Shiva’s footsteps and tells them they are made for each other. Shiva and Siddhi dont give preference to him.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see that Siddhi meets Narpat. Narpat comes at temple in order to instigate her against Shiva’s family. Shiva looks for missing Siddhi. He asks priest about her. He then sees Siddhi and Narpat together. Siddhi says to Narpat that he shouldn’t have come here like this. Anyone can see him. Narpat says where she is staying its not less than a hell. Siddhi looks on. Shiva grows suspicious. Will Narpat brainwash Siddhi?

Will Siddhi get to know that Narpat killed Gaurav?

How will Shiva stop Narpat from troubling Agga Bai?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next keep watching the show Bawara Dil

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