Bawara Dil: Shiva to feel disgusted after learning about Mangal’s lie?

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Colors TV show Bawara Dil is entertaining the audience with its intriguing storyline. Currently, Siddhi and Shiva are dealing with their inner conflicts and not realising their true feelings for each other owing to several past mistakes also Shiva’s slave like attitude angers Siddhi as she is a headstrong girl.
Recently Akkabai is supporting her son’s filthy plan of harassing Shiva’s sister. Will Shiva be able to understand the true colors of Akkabai? It will be interesting to watch how Shiva finally takes a stand against the wrong doings of Akkabai.

Previously its seen how Shiva marked his entry and it made Siddhi happy. Shiva said he attended the function as its just a party’s work for him. Siddhi told Kiran to keep eyes on Sarkar.
Later Sarkar executed his filthy plan and harassed Sonal. Kiran saved her on right time and Shiva misunderstood the whole situation seeing Kiran and Sonal together. Kiran consoled the crying Sonal.

In future episodes viewers will see interesting drama. Shiva will try to slap Kiran and the latter will stop him. Mangal will act like Devi Ma has entered her body and she will behave like a possessed person to fulfil her own selfish motive.
Later Siddhi’s possesed aunt will attack Mangal and Mangal’s drama will get exposed. Shiva will find it utterly disgusting and he will tell Mangal to apologise to everyone for playing with their emotions.

There, Siddhi will console Sonal and will regret for not reaching out to Sonal to save her from Sarkar. Ahead, Akkabai will come along with Sarkar with Sonal’s marriage proposal. Everyone will get shocked to hear that. Other side Shiva will think of teaching lesson to Kiran without knowing the truth.

Will Shiva find out the truth?

Will Siddhi reject Akkabai’s proposal?

All questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Bawara Dil stay tuned to this space.