Bawara Dil: Siddhi to break Agga Bai’s trust for Shiva?

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Colors TV newly launched show Bawara Dil garnered a lot of audience from the date of its launch. The gripping storyline filled with twists and plots makes it engaging to audience. Previously its seen how Narpat provokes Siddhi against Shiva using Gaurav’s death. He says Shiva and his family are no less than a devil. Shiva notices them but Narpat hides seeing him.

Agga Bai gives the hard disk to Shiva saying he will keep it safely else Police raid can take place at any time. Shiva promises her. Sarkar then humiliates Shiva saying he is the main ruler of Rudraik. Shiva is nothing but a servant. Shiva doesn’t give him importance. Later, Siddhi observes Shiva is hiding the hard disk in a secret place. She recalls Holi conversation of Shiva and Agga Bai.

In the forthcoming episodes viewers will witness alot of drama. Narpat calls Siddhi and says she will destroy Agga Bai just he wants the proof against her. Siddhi assures him saying she will give him the proof against Agga Bai. She opens the cupboard and sees the hard disk which Shiva kept there. She says now Agga Bai will be the reason of Shiva’s destruction. Shiva has so much faith on Agga Bai and Siddhi thinks of ruining it.

Will Shiva stop Siddhi from giving the proof to Narpat?

Will Police arrest Agga Bai?

Will Agga Bai insult Siddhi for her carelessness?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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