Bawara Dil: Sonal to end her life?

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Colors TV show Bawara Dil is entertaining the audience with its intriguing storyline. Currently, Siddhi and Shiva are dealing with their inner conflicts and not realising their true feelings for each other owing to several past mistakes also Shiva’s slave like attitude angers Siddhi as she is a headstrong girl. Siddhi is trying to open Shiva’s eyes so that he can realise Akkabai’s dirty politics. Siddhi will succeed or not it will be interesting to watch. Will Shiva change his opinion about Akkabai seeing his sister’s life getting ruined for his Maai?

Previously its seen how Akkabai gave marriage proposal to Sonal which left everyone shocked. Siddhi told her to ask about Sonal’s opinion but Akkabai didn’t budge. Later Sarkar was asked to talk to Sonal privately. Siddhi poured Ganga jal on Sarkar to taunt him.
There Shiva got to know Kiran’s mother is ill and he admitted her in hospital. Sonal got scared thinking she can’t marry an evil person like Sarkar, so she took a shocking decision. Sonal pleaded Kiran so that he marries her and protects her from Sarkar. Shiva again misunderstood Kiran and started beating him.

In future episodes viewers will see interesting drama. Siddhi will stop Shiva from beating Kiran. She will tell him to question Akkabai instead, as she and her shameless son came over and told about Sonal’s marriage with Sarkar. Shiva will get shocked to hear that.
He will refuse Akkabai’s proposal but Akkabai will feed him laddoo ignoring his words. Siddhi will get to know Jalwa that Shiva is talking to Akkabai and Bhave will come to inform Siddhi that Shiva gave his consent for Sonal’s marriage with Sarkar and its fixed now.

Sonal will be shaken to hear that and will decide to end her life by consuming poison. Siddhi will get tensed and will tell Sonal to open the door.

Will Siddhi save Sonal?

Will Sonal kill herself?

All questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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