Bawara Dil Spoiler: Shiva gets slapped by his father

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Colors TV current show Bawara Dil is all set to entertain the audience with several interesting twists. Previously we have seen Shiva releases Siddhi and she reaches home and get scolded by her mother for taking such a brave step without thinking even once. Siddhi says that taking stand for a woman’s respect is not wrong.

Malini blames Masterji as well for his encouraging attitude towards Siddhi. Here Gaurav comes with lots of questions in his mind. He doubts Siddhi that she is hiding something. Siddhi also gets upset over the fact that Gaurav doesn’t trust her. Siddhi decides to lodge complaint against Shiva.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will see that Shiva will be defending himself by saying that he was in Pune during the kidnapping. Later he gets a slap from his father. On the other hand goons attack Gaurav shockingly and Gaurav gets hurt. Siddhi hears the news and rushes to see him in the hospital.

Who sent goons to attack Gaurav?

Will Siddhi be able to find out that?

Will Gaurav and Siddhi get married finally?

Will Shiva realise his mistake?

To know what will happen next keep watching the show Bawara Dil.

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