Bawara Dil Spoiler: Yashwant feels ashamed for Shiva

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Colors TV new show Bawara Dil is entertaining the audience with its engaging storyline since the day it started. Previously we have seen how Siddhi gets distressed after her wedding got cancelled. She gets relief when Gaurav calls her and says that he can’t live without her. He wants to sort out everything but in midway Narpat’s goons attack him and takes Shiva’s name. Siddhi hears the news and runs to see Gaurav but his parents insult her and tell her not to come near Gaurav as because of her Gaurav is in this condition. Siddhi gets upset and gets mad at Shiva. Shiva by submitting fake proofs to inspector saves himself.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see a lot of drama. Shiva in his house will feel insulted by his father. As his father doesn’t think that Shiva has done something great by snatching a girl’s happiness. But Shiva’s mother makes special dish for him which irritates Yashwant. Later Siddhi will get to know about that Shiva sent goons behind Gaurav. Which is not true but Siddhi believes in it and angrily she throws stones at Shiva’s house. Shiva’ s mother will blame masterji for Siddhi’s desperate attempt. Siddhi will also say that Shiva also did wrong and in return he deserves this kind of treatment.

How will Shiva react after knowing about Siddhi’s action?

Will Shiva take revenge from Siddhi once again?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. Keep watching Bawara Dil

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