Bawara Dil: Will Shiva fulfill Akka Bai’s demand?

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Colors TV newly launched show Bawara Dil has been dealing with lots of issues along with the complicated relationship of Shiva and Siddhi. The dirty politics of Agga Bai and Narpat are hinting at the inhumanity due to which one’s life can also be at stake.

The blame game of these two politicians will affect Siddhi and Shiva’s life in which way only time will tell. Recently, its shown Siddhi and Shiva started liking each other.

Previously its seen how Siddhi’s shocking revelation broke everyone’s hope. Siddhi acted as if nothing happened but later she told that she heard what Shiva said to Jalwa over phone last night that whatever he is doing is for Akka Bai and for party only. His concern towards Siddhi was fake.

She got heartbroken and told Shiva’s family to not expect anything from their marriage as Shiva is going to end their marriage after six months. Siddhi packed her bag to leave the house. Vijaya and Yashwant also showed their disappointment towards Shiva. But Mangal got happy to know that Siddhi got hurt because of Shiva’s act.

Shiva told Siddhi that she shouldnt have hurt his family. He added that he never crossed his line and always respected her though he never wanted to marry her. Siddhi got upset even more, she said she will send him divorce papers.

Later Malini informed Siddhi that Ishvar got admitted to hospital. Doctor revealed stress is not good for Ishvar’s health. Shiva consoled crying Malini. Siddhi hid her marriage issues from Malini. Later she refused to go back to Shiva’s house. Shiva told her to not overreact as Ishvar is unwell.

In future episodes viewers will see interesting drama. Mangal will tell Siddhi to leave the house. Siddhi will go to meet her father in the hospital. Malini will tell her that Shiva reached already and is talking to Ishvar. Malini will praise Shiva’s good nature, how he stayed awake whole night for Ishvar and arranged bed for her too.

He even shifted Ishvar to VIP room. Malini will say she had a very wrong perception about Shiva, Ishvar will show his gratitude towards Shiva. Siddhi will get annoyed seeing Shiva’s concern and later she will warn him to not play with the emotions of her parents for Akka Bai’s image.

Shiva will say he would have done the same for others. Shiva will decide to help Sagar in reducing Ishvar’s stress regarding a land ownership. There Ishvar will share his worries with Siddhi regarding Sagar. Siddhi will think how her parents will react when they will know about Shiva’s true colors. Other side Akka Bai will tell Shiva to bring Siddhi for performing a ritual.

Will Shiva fulfill Akka Bai’s demand?

Is this Shiva’s fake concern?

All questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Bawara Dil stay tuned to this space.