BB sure is the madhouse where Rakhi show’s her crazy love for Abhinav, contestants struggle for kitchen and bathroom during the nomination process

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The earlier week was all about drama and change in the dynamics around the BB house. Not only did the weekend ka vaar episode cleared a lot of misunderstandings amongst the contestants, but the media, audience, and Bigg Boss 13’s winner, Siddharth Shukla also gave the contestants a strong dose of reality that eventually proved to be an eye-opener to them. And in the following episode, the nomination process will get interesting where contestants will be assigned one area of the house. If the contestant gets nominated, then the area house of bearing their name gets shut for all. The task will put the contestants under a lot of pressure, forcing them to take extremely calculative steps.

During the task, contestants have perceptions pole apart, and there exists a lot of discrepancies in their opinions, followed by an uncomfortable stir in the house. Where in the middle of the task, Aly Goni claims that he will go to any extent to complete the nomination and even agrees to sleep in the garden area if needed, Nikki gets extremely happy about being nominated as she was assigned the bedroom, and as a punishment, no one can use the bedroom to sleep in it. Later, during the task, even the bathroom gets locked. After some time Bigg Boss announces that contestants have only 5 minutes only to take whatever they need from the bedroom for the week ahead. Contestants rush inside the bedroom to collect as much of their belongings as they can.

Rakhi is relentlessly pursuing Abhinav that irritates Rubina, who eventually tells Rakhi to back off. Angered at this, Rakhi writes about her feelings for Abhinav all over her body! Vikas tells her that it could look bad, but Rakhi is unwilling to listen, and terms it her Crazy Love! Even Arshi warns her that she is alienating Rubina and Abhinav by pulling such stunts! But even after the continuous efforts of Vikas and Arshi, Rakhi chases Abhinav to the washroom!

How will the housemates react as their living space reduces in the house? Will Abhinav and Rubina react to Rakhi’s actions towards Abhinav?

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