Behind Every Star Episode 2 Written Update: Hyun Joo’s new friendship at the workplace brings a twist.

The episode starts with Hee Jun drinking with Chun Jae In and sharing his grief about the death of Mr. Wang. He idolizes him and couldn’t get over the news. Chun suggests to work her best to replace Wang as his agent. He says that he needs space to clear his mind from Wang’s death and so wants to back out from his committed film. Chun is outraged as its not possible but Hee Jun gets offended. A meeting is held the next day where Ma takes Wang’s seat. Chun complaints about it but he refuses to back off. Chun and Jung don were drinking in his house when Chun complaints about his elfish ex girl friend. She shares with him about Hee Jun wanting to back out at the last minute. They both discuss about their dating life when Chun suggests him to be sperm donor for her child as she wants to have a child. Jung Don agrees to think about it. Hyun Joo makes a blunder as she sends a controversial scarf to one of the celebrities. She rushes to stop the parcel only to find the celebrity already gifting it to watchman aware of the controversy. Jung Don meets with Sun Kyu who also shares about Wang grief with Jung Don.

Hyun Joo takes responsibility for the price and apologizes Chun. Chun punishes her with piles of paperworks day and night. She gets exhausted when a handsome guy enters and offers her tissue. He introduces himself as Ko Eun Gyul, a struggling actor and they warm up with each other. Sun Kyu expresses his wish to act in a stage drama role as he was a theater artist at the start. Jung Don offers him Hee Jun’s film which rejected and he immediately accepted. Byul, Director of the film Hee Jun rejected and the Producer complaint about Hee Jun not taking part in film discussion. Chunnhas a hard tie consoling them and assures them that she would speak with Hee Jun. Jung Don says about Sun Kyu interested to do the movie but Chun says that it’s not possible as only Hee Jun is the right cut out for the film.they both argue and Jung don struggles to say the truth to Sun Kyu but couldn’t. Jin Hyeok lifted his mood after his fight with Chun.

Method employees have a meeting with late Wang’s wife who expresses that she has inherited the properties. She doesn’t want to run the company and expresses her wish to sell it. Ma Tae Oh steps up to buy the company himself as Wang put a lot of efforts to start from scratch. Chun is against it while everyone else wants to save the company including Jung Don. That night, Chun chatted with two people in dating app. Next day, Chun shares her trouble with Myeong Ae. Myeong Ae warns her to keep it from Hee Jun as both Sun Kyu and Hee Jun are from same theaters before Wang took them in as actors. They have a silent rivalry since then and only Wang managed to resolve it. Jung Don asks Kang Hee Sun to forward few new actor profile to director and she includes her resume with it too. Chun gets an idea and visits the Buddha temple where Hee Jun was present. She apologizes for her behavior and also says about Sun Kyu getting the role he rejected. Hee Jun immediately agrees to take the role upon hearing it. Chun and Jung Don fight madly about it when Sun gives them a shocking information. He says that he spoke with Director of the film and she accepted to cast him.

Ko Eun Gyul came in search of Chun who has to give him Busan dialect for an audition. Hyun Joo helps him with it as she’s from the place too. He offers to take her out for a drink and they gets closer. However Hyun Joo comes to her senses before it’s too late and takes her leave. Jung Don drink gulping down his sorrow. Next day, everyone paid respect to Wang Tae Ja in his last rites. Jung Don and Chun tried a lot to not let Sun Kyu and Hee Jun meet up but they did. They argue over past calling each other hypocrite and greedy. They both were adamant to get casted int the movie as their ego got hurt.

Later in crematorium , Sun Kyu expresses his gratitude towards Wang and sings a song. Hee Jun joins him and they both sang together and makes up promising Wang to stay together till the end. Jng Don and Chun suggested the Director to change the story as gay love story and replace the women with anyone among Hee Jun and Sun kyu while the other one will paly the male leas. Director likes the idea so much but Producer is worried about the expenses . ma Tae Oh solves it by reducing their fees, Jung Don and Chun rejoices. Hyun Joo meets with Tae Oh’s wife and gets shocked knowing Eun Gyul is Tae Oh’s son. She breaks er friendship immediately but Tae Oh suspects Hyun Joo playing with his family and warns her against it. Hyun Joo cries alone in pain.