Behind Every Star Episode 5 Written Update: Eun Gyul amd Eun Ha catch Tae Oh and Hyun Joo together.

The episode starts with actors Ho san and Na ri shooting for a romantic where both have multiple complaints about each other. They ruin the scene upsetting the director. Director shouts at his assistance to call their agent. Jung don keeps trying to call Jae In for the same but she doesn’t pick up the call as she was busy romancing Sang Uk. Hyun Joo’s mother wishes her on her birthday but Hyun Joo gets disappointed that her father forgot about it. Hee Sun is excited that her first scene is with Ho Sun when her co actors say that he’s picky. An excited Hee Sun goes to Ho San to introduce herself. He’s still complaining about Na Ri. He greets Hee Sun and suggests to practice their scene together.

Once she does he just avoids her saying that she was good. Jung Don picks up Jae In and finds sang Uk in their neighborhood while passing by while she’s busy texting. Ho San was fuming that he had to do the scene with body double as Na Ri would be late from her reality show. He too leaves. Jae In and Jung Don tries coaxing him and Na Ri but in vain. Ho san vents out his feeling s to Jae In who’s busy texting Sang Uk. He asks about her love and she says that it’s the first time she’s so serious about any relationship.

A show director complaint about the poor performance one of the actors named Young Tak from Method Entertainment. She wants to end his character by killing him but Director Ma tries to coax her to not to. She’s not ready to listen. The employees in the agency discuss about it young Tak and Hyun Joo says that her mother is a big fan of him and runs a fan club on his name. she suggests to encourage the fans to protest to not remove Young Tak from the show so that the makers would not give up on them.

Eun Soo calls her idea childish. Na ri and Ho Sun once again messes another scene and the Director gives an ultimatum to the agency. He says that they have a kiss scene the next day and if they fail to execute it he promises to back off from the film. Na Ri and Ho Sun both tried to find reasons to avoid the kissing scene. Hee San happily says Jung Don about Ho Sun praising her acting.Eun Soo says Director Ma about Hyun Joo’s idea as her own and Hyun Joo hears it. Director Ma lashes out at her for her silly idea.

Hyun Joo calls Jae In about confirming the script and she asks her to mail it. She wishes her for her birthday and cuts the call before Hyun Joo could invite her for the dinner. Jae In gets startled seeing Sang Uk in her room. She asks how did he know about her hotel and room number. Sang Uk says about checking her recipt. Jae In gets anfgry and is about to leave but Sang Uk slips and fall down. Jae In helps him and they both make up. They were about to kiss when Jung Don rings the bell calling her for dinner. At first she tries to refuse but later gives in.

Jung don wants to talk with Jae In but she hurriedly have her dinner and retire to room to be with Sang Uk. JinHyuk celebrate Hyun Joo’s birthday with her and Hyun Joo shares about her upset when her own people forgot to wish her. Jin Hyuk consoles her when Hyun Joo promises him to always celebrate their birthdays together without forgetting. Eun Ha gives a good news to Director Ma that her father is ready to help him with the money to buy Method Entertainment and he gets happy.

Next day morning, Hotel staff demands Jung don to pay extra charge for the vistor in single room allocated for Jae In. he barges into her room making excuse and caught Sang Uk. He lashes out at her for being in relationship with their rival person who wants to bring them down. Jae In says that she would take care of it and sends him away. Ma sees the fan poster to protest for Young Tak and appreciates her. He worries about company’s reputation but she assures that none would know about it. Tae In gets down from Jung Don’s car for insulting Sang Uk. He finds it’s paddy field and manages to get out of there with difficulty. Hee San gets the bad news that her scene was cut off from movie due to less time limit. Hee San breaks down.

Later Na Ri and Ho San prepare for their kiss scene but it turned out funny. At first the director got irritated but later shot the passion in their actions when Ho San tries to catch an insect. They finally make up. Everyone praise them while the agents sigh in relief. While leaving the hotel, Jung Don enquires about Sang Uk and Jae In says how she’s very happy being in relationship with him. Eun Ha invite Ma for a musical the next day. She finds Hyun Joo calling him but doesn’t pick up.

Next day, MA informs the members about him about to buy Method Entertainment while everyone gets shocked. Jae In fumes and shares her worry with Jung Don but they couldn’t help. Director again calls them and sends them a video with both dancing passionately. He complaints that they are too passionate that they make several changes in the script. They both laugh.

Young Tak barges in the agency and lashes out at Hyun Joo for her terrible editing of his picture for the protest. He kept insulting her while a furious Ma throw him out of the agency. Hee San wants to give up but Jung Don believes that she could make it. He finds Jae In leaving with Sang Uka nd agrees to go to dinner with Hee San. Ma apologizes Hyun Joo for forgetting her birthday and asks her anything she wish for. Eun Ha and Eun Gyuk only watch the musicala nd comes to MA’s office to find Hyun Joo drinking with Ma. They misunderstand that they are having an affair and confronts them about it.