Being a part of Sindoor Ki Keemat on Dangal TV is grounding: Ashita Dhawan

Ashita Dhawan Gulabani, who became a household name as Malti Sharma in Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai, is currently seen playing Yashoda Awasthi in Dangal TV’s popular show, Sindoor Ki Keemat. What makes the family drama special for the actress is its title. Talking about her strong belief in the institution of marriage, Ashita, who is a mother of twins (age), says, “Sindoor Ki Keemat in its literal sense keeps a family intact. The belief in the institution of marriage has been instilled in us for decades. So, in a way, associating with this show is like a grounding experience. “

She is one of those few actresses, who has had a catchphrase in almost every show. She says, “In Bidaai, it was ‘Jhooth toh main bolti Nahi’. Most of my characters have been comic bordering on the negative. Though I find it repetitive at times, if this what audiences love, I will always play it with utmost conviction.”

What makes the job easier is her bonding with her co-actors. The cast keeps encouraging each other to bring out the best in them. Talking about it, she says, “I am quite chill and bond with everyone. However, I am closer to Vaibhavi Hankare and Shehzad Shaikh. We spent a lot of time together and learn from each other.” The actress admits that she was apprehensive about taking up a show on a new channel. It’s almost a year since and Ashita couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She shares, “I remember having doubts about accepting an offer from a new channel. But I realized that I shouldn’t have a preconceived notion about anything. In fact, I feel fortunate to be working with a channel that’s only growing in terms of popularity. I am glad that successful directors and producers are making shows for Dangal TV today. The team at the channel is supportive and believes in working and growing together. Unlike other channels, we get to interact with the creative teams representing the GEC.”