Bepanah Pyaar 10th December 2019 Written Update: Pragati decides to expose Kunti!

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir imagines Pragati and Sahas on bed (Inteqam song plays in the background). He takes alcohol bottle and spread it on his bed and sets the bed on fire. Raghbir drinks alcohol and vents out his frustration and cries. Nakul sees smoke coming out from Raghbir’s room and ask him to open the door. Malhotra’s come and Nakul breaks the door and enters his room. Nakul puts-off the fire and Kunti ask Raghbir what he is doing.

Kunti drags Pragati to Raghbir’s room and shows her burned bed and accuses her for destroying Raghbir’s life. She cries and about to slap Pragati. Pragati holds Kunti’s hand and threatens her not to ever raise hand on her. She further says to her that she don’t bother whatever Raghbir is going through, as he has already performed her last rituals long back. Pragati also says she is in the house because she is a share holder and questions Kunti with what right she is staying in the house. Malhotra’s stands shocked. Sahas gets happy seeing the house drama.

Raghbir wakes up in the morning and sees the milk glass. He breaks the glass. He further learns that Kunti is not well and goes to meet her. Kunti acts in front of Raghbir and instigates him against Pragati. She further makes Raghbir to promise on her that he will never think about Pragati from now. Raghbir says to Kunti he will do whatever she will say. Afterwards, Kunti talks with Harshit and says doing acting in front of Raghbir is causing no harm, as because of it Raghbir will be in her control. Pragati over hears Harshit and Kunti’s talk and decides to expose the liars in front of all.

Sahas drops Pragati office and Raghbir again spots the duo together and gets envy. Pragati recalls Kunti’s word and gets emotional seeing Raghbir.  (Episode Ends)
Precap: Pragati caught Harshit red-handed for doing fraud with the company. Kunti slaps Harshit and ask him to apologize to Kunti.