Bepanah Pyaar 10th February 2020 Written Update: Pragati finds Sahas truth

The episode starts with Pragati getting shocked seeing Sahas phone filled with her pictures and him blabbering her name in his sleep. Pragati is shocked over the revelation. Pragati wonders which one is the truth. She finds Ragbir coming towards her like a statue.

She tries explaining but he just starts walking passing bt her. She shakes him and Ragbir comes into conscious. He himself is confused about how he come there. He says about remembering till Kunti giving him water. Pragati calms him down and takes him to his room. She makes him lie on bed and is about to leave but he asks Pragati to lie with him. She lies beside him.


Ragbir and Pragati romances with each other. They hear s knock when they hear Sahas voice. Ragbir opens the door fuming while Sahas says that he visited Pragati room but she was not there. So he came to check in his room. Ragbir asks if he came to play detective at the time. Sahas asks Pragati if she came to his room as ge found her earring. He came to return it back. Ragbir gets extremely angry hearing it and asks Pragati what wad she doing im his room.

Pragati says that she has gone to get tablets for headache but couldn’t find it. Ragbir scolds Pragati for going to hit room at that time. Sahas tries taking Pragati’s side but Ragbir sends him away. He lashes out at Pragati too and sends her out od his room too. Pragati wonders about what’s wrong with Ragbir and gets worried for him.

At morning Pragati bumps with Sahas and she’s still hesitant around him. She decides to find the real truth about Sahas and regrets for not checking his mobile properly last night. She thinks of a plan and calls Sahas. She says that she wants to make an important call and asks for his mobile. She sends him away with some excuse and tries checking his mobile but couldn’t find anything. She decides to make another plan.

Kunti sees Ragbir drinking the milk shake again and smirks. Pragati sees Ragbir who behaves all romantic with her. She gets surprised at his mood swings as he was angry at her last night. They were about to go when Shefali calls them to check on Priya.

Ragbir lashes out at already crying Priya for her mistake while everyone gets shocked. He leaves angrily while Pragati consoles her saying that he’s just stressed. Priya cries vigorously. Pragati visits Sahas home to check for any evidences. She sees a locked door which Sahas claims to be store room and decides to check in it. She enters the room only to find it filled with her pictures and gets shocked.

Precap : Pragati sees Sahas confessing his love in front of her pictures and gets shocked.