Bepanah Pyaar 10th January 2020 Written Update: PRAGATI UPSET OVER RAGBIR

The episode starts with Pragati asking Ragbir won’t he trust her. Ragbir says that he do trust her but he can’t turn a blind eye towards the thing that it’s him who saved her. Ragbir recalls hiring the goon to shoot him. Ragbir supports Harshit and says that he saved her life despite doing so many mistakes. He asks her to trust Harshit. Harshit and Kunti smirks seeing it.

Pragati recalls Kunti’s words about how Ragbir will trust her blindly even if she reveals the truth to him. Ragbir behaves the exact same way. She thinks that Ragbir will believe her only when she has proof.

Pragati says that if she had whole world one side and him other side even then she’ll trust him. Ragbir says that he do trust her but Pragati leaves. Ragbir is about to follow her but Harshit acts hurt and he checks on him. Pragati complains to God about Ragbir not trusting her. Sahas asks her to trust on Ragbir.

Pragati says that it’s Harshit who tried killing her many times but none believes her. She says that she just don’t have proof with her. Nurse takes her for checking on her and she leaves. Sahas thinks that he can’t reveal Harshit’s truth as if he does even he’ll get caught and she’ll hate him which he don’t want.

Doctor says that he got pained because of stress and asks him to rest. Ragbir asks him to come home but Harshit denies. He says that Pragati doesn’t trust him and he don’t want it to happen. Ragbir convinces him and says that he will speak with her. He goes out in search of Pragati. He finds her getting dressed.

Ragbir is about to open the door when doctor stops him. He says that Pragati is in shock now and her mental condition is not stable. She may behave annoying but they should handle her calmly. He asks her to send her to her parents house for which Ragbir nods no but Sahas comes there and says that he’s there for her. Ragbir warns him to stay away from his wife and their personal matters and leaves inside.

Police comes there to take statement of Pragati. Pragati recalls all the happenings and how Ragbir didn’t trust her. Before she could answer Ragbir says that her mental condition is mot stable and asks them to confirm with the doctor. They leave agreeing. Ragbir comforts Pragati and Pragati gets hope.

However his next statement disappoints her. Nurse asks him to lift her dress for injection. Pragati denies having injection but Ragbir forces her. Sahas supports Pragati and asks them to give medicine but Nurse sends him out. Ragbir helps Pragati and asks her to rest while Sahas fumes. Pragati is still upset with Ragbir. Sahas offers to drop Pragati while Ragbir fumes that he’ll take care of her. Pragati agrees with Sahas as he needs to stay with Harshit and leaves with Sahas.

Precap : Kunti taunts Pragati and threatens her with a knife. Pragati shouts for Ragbir.