Bepanah Pyaar 10th July 2019 Written Update: Malhotra’s accuses Pragati for hiding Priya’s pregnancy!

Today’s episode opens with everyone at the hall waiting for Priya. Pragati takes Priya to the hospital. Doctor asks Pragati to fill the form and don’t take tension. Pragati thinks of a flashback that how she saved Priya.

Raghbir says Priya’s mobile is off too. Paragti calls Raghbir and informs him about Priya. Everyone comes to the hospital. Pragati tells them whatever happened with Priya.  Doctor comes and says they did operation but she might can go in coma.

Raghbir yells at doctor and ask them to do her treatment. Shalu cries. Doctor further says she will try to save Priya but they failed to save her child. Everyone gets shocked hearing doctor. Gopi says how this happened. Shalu says why Priya didn’t tell them about her pregnancy.

Pragati thinks of a flashback and says she knew about Priya’s pregnancy. Dev’s family leaves the venue. Sanket informs Prashant that no one is at home. Prashant asks him to go inside the house asap without wasting a time. Prashant thinks now the secret will be out soon.

Raghbir gets angry on Pragati why she has hidden the truth. Malhotra’s accuses Pragati for Priya’s condition. Raghbir asks Pragati to come with him.

Sanket enters Malhotra’s house. Prashant instruct him. Prashant goes inside the dark room by breaking its lock.

Raghbir asks Pragati to go away from his life. He accuses Pragati for hiding Priya’s truth. Raghbir says to Pragati that he has never let anyone to come close to him apart from his cousins but he allowed her. He says he thought she is different from others but no she is not. He asks Pragati to go out from his life and never come back into his life. He sends her away.

Sanket ask him to search some clue before anyone comes and sees him. Prashant searches for the hint. He finds the same family photo and takes out the picture from it. Someone comes and ask who is inside. Prashant hides.

Pragati at her house cries. Her father tries to calm her down. Pragati recalls her flashback with Raghbir. Prashant runs away. Guard runs behind Prashant and he hides. Sanket asks Prashant to meet him soon. Prashant’s mobile falls down.

Pragati and her father talks to each other. She asks her father not to take stress. Her father says now who will marry her after Raghbir will give her divorce. Pragati gets irked and leave the place.

Pargati’s father says she has fallen in love with Raghbir. Pragati looks at her father surprisingly. She tries to hide her feelings and recalls her moments with Raghbir again. Pragati hugs her father and cries.

Pragati gets a call from Prashant. He asks her to come fast to meet him.

Precap: Prashant ask Pragati to go before someone sees them together. She worries for Sanket. Pragati sees Malhotra’s coming. Aditi finds soemone’s bangle and gets shocked. Malhotra’s sees someone’s shadow.