Bepanah Pyaar 10th October 2019 Written Update: Badi maa wants to kill Ragbir and not Pragati

The episode starts with Ragbir and Pragati romancing while washing Haldi. He’s about to propose her but Pragati stops him. She says that she’ll not allow him and asks him to come to the same hotel and room number 001. He teases her for calling a man alone to her room. They both make fun of each other.

Everyone is gathered and discuss marriage. Priya comes down and Dec stands up seeing her. Nakul teases him for already bending to wife’s demands even before marriage. Dec’s mother indirectly taunts Priya and her displeasure over the marriage. Everyone gets uncomfortable while Dev’s father manages the situation.

Aditi taunts Pragati making use of the situation. She says about her not knowing about her son’s wife even at the time of their marriage. She asks Pragati to bring elaichi tea for everyone and Pragati leaves for the same. She thinks that this is the best time to settle her scores with Pragati and smirks.
Pragati is making tea and Ragbir comes there. He tries getting romantic with her. But Pragati stops him and brings tea for everyone. Ragbir follows her and says that he wants to talk with her but Pragati ignores him. Badi maa sees it and asks Pragati to go to Ragbir and Shefali will take care of the rest. She leaves on Badi maa’s insistence.

They both get romantic in their room but Pragati runs to the kitchen. Ragbir runs after her. They both have a cute romantic time together in the kitchen. Pragati runs and hides in the storeroom cupboard. She sees the mystery man there and gets shocked. His ally joins him it’s a lady covered with a shawl. The lady removes her shawl only to be revealed to be Badi maa shocking Pragati to the core. She says that failures happen only once but for them, it happens every single time. She calls him useless as they wanted to kill Ragbir but killed Bani instead. She says that for how long will this continue. She then senses someone in the room and sends the mystery man out. She’s about to open Pragati’s cupboard when Ragbir comes there.

He scolds his Badi maa for not taking care of herself and expresses his care on her. Pragati feels bad for Ragbir and cries.

The ritual starts and everyone searches for Pragati. She comes there and says that she went to get the gift. Pragati sees Ragbir’s love for Badi maa and wonders why does she want to kill someone like Ragbir. Everyone gifts Priya and Dec bless them. Pragati too gifts them and congratulates them on Ragbir. Aditi asks Pragati to show her gift. She opens the box only to find it empty and gets shocked.

Aditi taunts Pragati for being irresponsible. Dec’s mother taunts her too. Badi maa handles the situation. She asks Tina about the chain which she gave her. Tina wonders about which chain when Badi maa asks her to check her purse.

Precap: Badi maa scolds and warns everyone to not trouble Pragati anymore. Pragati gets disgusted at her double face. Ragbir gets Pragati note about the surprise.