Bepanah Pyaar 11th February 2020 Written Update: PRAGATI GETS SCARED SEEING SAHAS REAL FACE

The episode starts with Pragati rummaging throug5 Sahas room to find her photos and stuffs kept there. She finds a laptop where Sahas confesses his love for Bani and their moments together. She also sees his suicide video and gets terrified. She sees him saying that God has given him another opportunity to be with her and he’ll not lose it.

She recalls Jothi and Ragbir’s words and realizes that all that was true. She keeps the laptop back when Sahas enters the room. She hides seeing him. He acts all psycho in love with her. She sees him kissing her photo and confessing his love for her. He also expresses his hate for Ragbir shocking her. He says that he needs to keep Ragbir out of his way now.


He’s about to spot her when Pragati escapes in nick of time. He wears her dupatta and dreams like a mad about their wedding. When he was busy she slowly sneaks out. She gets in a taxi and leaves immediately.
Pragati cries recalling Sahas’s true face. She decides to hide the fact that she knows the truth about him. She decides to play a game to expose him.

Ragbir gets all hyper in the meeting that he couldn’t concentrate. Everyone finds him unwell and tries postponing it but he shouts at them. They leaves upset. Ragbir is confused about what’s happening. Pragati calls him but he lashes out furiously at her. Pragati gets scared seeing his condition. He holds her tight and calls her lier and leaves.

Ragbir’s mother informs Devraj about Priya going back to her mother. They gets worried. Ragbir is still tensed and Pragati sees it from her cabin. Kunti touches him and Ragbir asks what’s she doing there. Kunti shows her fake concern for him. She says that that she has brought his favourite food for Ragbir. Pragati gets doubtful at Kunti intentions.

Pragati worries that Kunti has something Big planned. Pragati looks Ragbir sleeping and wonders what’s his mood his. She tries waking him up but he doesn’t wake up. She leaves worried. She feels something wrong with him. She decides to inform Sahas but recalls his true face. She stops herself but finds him leaving somewhere hurriedly.

Precap : Sahas shows Kunti’s murder videos and Pragati watches it hiding.