Bepanah Pyaar 11th July 2019 Written Update: Raghbir brings Pragati back to his house!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati sits in car and asks Prashant why he called her. Prashant tells Pragati about Sanket says he found some hint. The duo waits for Sanket.

Sanket comes and before he goes near to Pragati and Prashant a car hits him. Pragati asks to call ambulance.

Shalu cries. Doctor comes and says Priya is out of danger. Everyone gets happy. Doctor says only two of them can stay with Priya. Gopi says he and Shalu will stay back.

Prashant and Pragati bring Sanket to the same hospital. Sanket asks Pragati to see the photo. Prashant asks Pragati to leave them before anyone from Malhotra’s sees her with them.

Aditi finds some bangle and gets tensed. Raghbir and everyone comes back home. They all sees someone’s shadow and gets stunned. It is Raghbir’s grandmother. Kunti asks Raghbir how she is. Raghbir says he is good. Doctor says she is recovering well and she can now stay with her family. Kunti calls Raghbir and asks him to talk with her. She sees the marriage setup and says why he didn’t call her on his marriage. Her grandmother asks him to show her daughter-in law.

Everyone discusses now from where she should call Raghbir’s wife. Raghbir says he will do something.

Pragati comes back home and washes the blood. Her father calls her out.

Pragati tells to her father that destiny has sent her to Malhotra’s home and now she back to her home. She will leave everything on destiny now, as she hasn’t yet decided what she will do next. Raghbir comes and asks Pragati to come back home. Pragati and her father gets shocked.

Nakul shows his musical instrument to kunti. She asks him to play. Harshit recalls his childhood moment with her. Kunti calls Devraj and asks do he is not liking her being at home. Devraj says all are happy seeing her. She meets Harshit and duo shares a hug. Kunti asks them to call Raghbir and his wife.

Raghbir comes with Pragati. Kunti calls Pragati near her. She praises Pragati and her looks. She asks to always love Raghbir at any cost. Kunti gets emotional while talking to her. She calls Raghbir too and says to always love Pragati.

Prashant asks doctor to save Sanket. Doctor tells that Sanket is no more. Prashant cries. Kunti sees Devraj and tries to hide. Devraj apologie Kunti. The duo talks to each other. Kunti says everyone is hiding something from her. Aditi overhears her talk.

Raghbir talks someone on call and takes Priya’s report. Raghbir enters her room and hits the alcohol bottle. Pragati self-talk with her. Pragati cries and says Raghbir can throw her away anytime because she is no one to him but cries thinking why she can’t erase Raghbir from her mind. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kunit asks Raghbir to tell how and where he met Pragati. She sasy she wants to hear the full story. Raghbir praises Pragati.