Bepanah Pyaar 11th October 2019 Written Update: Badi maa scolds and warns everyone

Ragbir and Pragati gets relationship advice

The episode starts with Badi maa and asks to search chain in her purse. Tina to acts with her as if forgetting it and gives it to Badi maa. She gives it to Pragati who ties it around Dev neck. Dev says that it’s not needed as she did so much for them already. The guests leave and Ragbir says that all is fine now. Badi maa says that nothing is fine. She shouts at Aditi for her cheap act. Dev asks what did she do. Aditi tries speaking but Badi maa shuts her. She says that she has done a worst act that she couldn’t even reveal it. Badi maa says that she has stole the chain from Pragati and gave it to Tina so that Pragati gets insulted. She says that she has kept quite for a long time and not anymore. She says that from today no one will trouble Pragati in this house. She says that Pragati has done so much for the house and asks her to respect it. She leaves. Pragati wonders about her double faced and gets disgusted.

Nakul and Priya are in their room and sees Shefali coming with a mat. She asks them to neither switch on ac or fan as it’s harmful to environment irking them. They denies obeying her and she throws both out. Priya says thar she will change when mosquitoes suck her blood.

Pragati sits lost thinking about Badi maa’s real face. She wonders how to inform it to Ragbir as Badi maa means the world to him. Ragbir comes there and asks if she’s still worried about his mother’s deeds. Pragati denies when Ragbir goes on and on about how good is Badi maa is. He says that there are only few people in this world who keeps others above themselves. Pragati feels bad for him as he respects someone so much who actually wants to kill him.

Shefali unable to bear the mosquito bite switches on the ac and lies on bed and sleeps. Next day morning Ragbir cones out of washroom and reads Pragati’s note to come to room no. 1001 in the hotel and smiles. Later Hritesh comes in searching for Ragbir and finds him in washroom. He is about to leave but sees Pragati’s note and plans something evil.

Pragati is seen praying mata rani. She recalls the true face of Badi maa and asks why did she reveal it to her as she’s already struggling with one truth. However she thanks mata rani for giving the trouble to her instead of Ragbir and asks her to continue doing so. She lights lamp and leaves but it puts off.

Pragati wonders about how will Ragbir react if she says the truth to him. She meets a stranger named kesav who hits her and asks her to share her problem with her. Pragati hesitates but she assures her. Ragbir on his way meets another stranger who states the defects of love while Ragbir argues in favor of love. He states his trust on Pragati and says that she’ll never betray him. Pragati says Kesav that how she was betraying her husband all the while. Kesav asks her to be bold and confess everything to her husband.

No precap.