Bepanah Pyaar 11th September 2019 Written Update: Harshit risks Pragati’s life!

Today’s episode stats with Pragati giving shirt to Raghbir but it slips and Raghbir holds Pragati’s hand towards his chest. The duo shares an eye-lock. Pragati and Raghbir  feels the awkward. Pragati excuses herself and ask Raghbir to wear the shirt.

Pragati comes to Priya and says that she is here to return her dress. Priya ask Pragati to keep the dress as it suits her. Priya gets a call from Dev.

Priya tells to Pragati about Dev. She says he wants to take her on a date. Nakuul and Raghbir come. Nakuul ask Priya to go on a date with Dev. Priya says she is not ready for all these as she wants her life partner like Raghbir.

Pragati explains Priya amd ask her to compare Dev to Raghbir. Priya recalls her moments with Dev. Here, Pragati recalls how Raghbir saved her. Priya agrees and ask Raghbir and Pragati to accompany her on her date with Dev.  Raghbir and Pragati refuses but later agrees to go with her (Maahi Ve song plays in the background).

Harshit comes to his room and jumps on his leg. He says he is feeling relax, as he is tough to pretend good in front of the family. He enjoys the drink. Harshit gets a call from private number. He says he will do the work.

Raghbir gets a call from Pooja. Raghbir flirts with Pooja. Auyshman Khuran promotes his new movie Dream Girl.

Pragati in her dream sees each member of Malhotra family saying they killed Bani. Pragati wakes up after seeing the scary dream. Raghbir ask Pragati not to fear as he is there for her.

Pragati goes to drink water and mistakenly drops the bottle on Aditi’s foot. Aditi ask Pragati can’t she don any work properly. Pragati sits down to check Aditi’s foot. Aditi taunts Pragati. Pragati gives a befitted reply to Aditi.

Aditi accuses Pragati and says she keeps trying different ways to attract Raghbir. Pragati says she is not worthy to talk with. Aditi again says she is always in a hurry to go in Raghbir’s room so that she can take the advantage of getting close to him.

Pragati gets teary and moves out from the house. She recalls Aditi’s word. Pragati gets a call. A person from other side asks Pragati to come to meet him if she wants to know who killed Bani. Pragati thanks God for showing her the way.

Pragati rushes to meet the person. Harshit self-talks and says now Pragati’s life will be over today.

Pragati further realizes that her car breaks have failed. Raghbir wakes up from sleep and looks for Pragati.

Pragati’s car bumps into a tress and burns.  Raghbir ask Priya where is Pragati and worries for her. Devraj ask Raghbir to relax. Adit ask Raghbir to calm down. Raghbir gets a call and he stands shocked. Priya ask what happened. Raghbir says Pragati’s accident. Malhotra’s rushes to meet Pragati.

Raghbir and other comes to the accident spot. A man tells to Raghbir that Pragati is inside the burning car. Raghbir gestures to go and save Pragati but Devraj and Nakuul stops him from going near to the car.

Precap: Raghbir accuses Aditi for provoking Pragati to end her life. Malhotra’s stands shocked.