Bepanah Pyaar 12th February 2020 Written Update: Pragati learns about Sahas involvement with Kunti

The episode starts with Pragati following Sahas. He meets Kunti who is angry at him for not doing anything right. Sahas says that he only wants to know whether he’ll get Pragati. Kunti warns him that if someone sees them then they are so done. She says that she knows what he wants and she’ll definitely keep her promise and gives him what he wants. Pragati gets shocked seeing Sahas with Kunti and Ragbir. Sahas says ghat she needs to listen to him as he has something in return too. He shows her Kunti’s murder videos and Pragati gets extremely shocked seeing it. Sahas reveals that it’s him who helped them in all ways and reveals all the times he made them aware of Pragati’s plan.

Pragati recalls all the times someone attacked her and gets shocked. Kunti deletes the video but Sahas laughs it off. Sahas says that he was taught not to believe women like her. Pragati feels disgusted seeing Sahas true face. They hear some sound and goes to check it. They thinks that it some animal and starts leaving while Pragati comes out of her hiding.


Pragati is in the room is crying over Sahas’s betrayal on her. She blames herself for trusting him. She says that even after knowing the truth about Kunti he just pretended to help her. She hears a knock on door and wonders if its Sahas. She composes herself and opens the door to find Ragbir. He says that he’s not in good mood and wants to sit with her for a while.

Pragati wonders about his mood swings and invites him in. He asks her to stay near him and not go away from him. He lies on her lap and Pragati recalls Ragbir’s angry side and calm side. Pragati worries for Ragbir’s health. She gets confused over it and finds something odd. She recalls Kunti saying to Sahas that everything will happen as per his wish and their planning is going good. She understands that their plan is to kill Ragbir and gets terrified. Pragati gets determined to ruin the three enemies plan and promises to not let anything happen to him.

Pragati and Ragbir are in a media interview. Media questions Ragbir about whom will he give credit for his success and he says its his Dad. Devraj watches it on TV. Ragbir gets psychic attack again and Pragati takes over the interview. Ge behaves weird and shouts at media to stop clicking pictures. He behaves rude and a media person blames Ragbir’s temper as the reason for downfall. Ragbir starts beating him.

Media records it while Pragati begs them not to. Security people takes away Ragbir. Ragbir falls down unconscious. Ragbir is in hospital but Pragati requests to take his blood test. Family members arrive there. Ragbir says that party should take place. Pragati asks about reports and asks them to hand it over to only her.

Precap : Pragati creates rift between Sahas and Kunti. Ragbir gets furious at Pragati.