October 21, 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar 12th July 2019 Written Update: Kunti remembers Raghbir and Bani’s marriage!

Today’s episode opens with Malhotra’s sits for breakfast. Kunti asks Pragati to sit with everyone and have breakfast. Pragati says she is not feeling well and goes away. Raghbir goes behind Pragati and asks her why she said no to her grandmother. The duo does an argument.

Kunti says she didn’t have her medicine and goes to take the medicine. She hears Pragati and Raghbir’s talk from far. Pragati recalls her flashback with Raghbir. Kunti worries if they were fighting. Raghbir pulls Pragati and brings her back to sit with all and have breakfast. Raghbir says he will feed his wife today with his hand. He asks Pragati to eat. Kunti thinks of something.

Aditi and Raghbir’s aunt discusses about Kunti. They see Kunti coming towards them and they goes away.

Harshit tells his and Tina’s lovestory. Kunti asks Raghbir to tell how he met Pragati and how they fallen in love. Raghbir tells her about Pragati. Kunti after hearing Raghbir’s story concludes that is true love. Raghbir goes away after hearing her.

Raghbir goes to his room and thinks why he praised Pragati so much. He drinks alcohol and recalls his moments with Bani. Pragati smiles thinking Raghbir’s words. Aditi asks her not to get happy, as after Kunti will go Raghbir will throw her out. Kunti says she is not going anywhere.

Prashant cries and apologize to Sanket for sending him to Malhotra’s. He sees something on Sanket’s body and worries.

Ragbhir tries to tell Kunti about his and Pragati’s relation but before him Kunit says she knows about his and Bani’s marriage. Raghbir takes Kunti to his room.  Pragati sees Prashant’s message. Malhotra’s gets tensed hearing Kunti remembers about Bani. Bebe taunts the family members and goes.

Prashant informs Pragati about Sanket. He asks her to go in basement and check the photo.

Pragati goes inside the dark room, finds some photo, and gets shocked. Pragati thinks of a flashback. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Raghbir confesses the truth in front of Kunti. He tells to Kunti that after Bani’s death he didn’t yet moved on in his life. Kunti ask him to think about Pragati once. Pragati overhears their talk.

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