Bepanah Pyaar 13th September 2019 Written Update: Raghbir saves Pragati’s life!

Today’s episode starts with Gopi saying Pragati is responsible for her condition as because she stepped out at night.

Aditi recalls her moment with Pragati and says what they can expect from Pragati. Raghbir comes and confronts Aditi.

Raghbir says to Aditi that he has never seen a mother like her. Kunti ask Raghbir to stop. He vents out his anger on Aditi. Raghbir further says he got to know she provoked Pragati to end her life. He says to Aditi if anything happens to Pragati than first time in the history it will be written a step-son is a biggest enemy of a Step-mother. Aditi stands shocked

Malhotr’a stands shocked. Harshit comes to Pragati’s ward. He wakes Nakuul and asks him to rest in the visitor’s room. Harshit ask him to go till he will look after Pragati.

Harshit says he will kill Pragati today only. Raghbir comes and Harshit ask Raghbir to sit beside Pragati. He thinks of a flashback where he has cut down monitor wire.

Pragati suffocates. Raghbir ask Pragati what happened. He calls out for Doctor. Harshit comes and tells to Raghbir that Doctor is coming.

Pragati stops breathing. Raghbir tries to wake up Pragati. He yells and says she can’t leave him and go. Raghbir tries his beat to wake Pragati. He gives CPR to Pragati. Kunti and Nakuul cries. (Kya hua tera wada plays in the background). Pragati starts breathing again and sees Raghbir near her.

Raghbir says she scared him. Pragati says she was scared too hearing his scream. The duo laughs.

Harshit gets shocked seeing Pragati. Doctor says it is not less than any miracle that Pragati is breathing normally without oxygen mask. Raghbir says he won’t let anything happen to Pragati. Nakuul and Kunit get happy.

Pragati comes back home. She gets happy seeing the decoration. Priya, Shefali, Nakuul hugs Pragati. Pragati sees Aditi and recalls her words. Nakuul tells to Pragati that he was scared and gets teary. Pragati ask Nakuul not to cry else she will cry too.

Pragati tells them how she jumped out from the car after realizing breaks is not working. Gopi says he was tensed too. Pragati ask for Raghbir. Kunti says he will be back soon. Harshit thinks if Raghbir wouldn’t have been there than Pragati would have dies till now.

Pragati thinks who was the person who called her? Kunti ask Pragati to relax. She and Pragati’s father tell Pragati how Raghbir was restless seeing her in that condition. Pragati gets surprised hearing them.

Kunti ask Pragati to rest. Pragati thinks do really Raghbir did all this for her.

Raghbir bumps into Aditi. Aditi says sorry. Raghbir ask not to be sorry because her sorry list is long. Aditi thinks Raghbir never talks with her normally.

Pragati thinks till Raghbir is prove not guilty she can’t trust him. Pragati’s sleeps while sitting. Raghbir admires the sleeping Pragati and recalls how he gave CPR and saved her. Pragati wakes up from the sleep and sees Raghbir sitting close to her. The duo shares an eye lock.

Priya comes and disturbs them. She says there is a surprise for them. Dev enters and Pragati ask how he is here. Priya says he came hiding from all.

Raghbir ask Priya to go on a date. Priya says she will not go without them. Raghbir ask them to go alone.

Pragati tries to talk with Raghbir. Raghbir ask her to take care of herself till he comes back. Pragati thinks why he is avoiding her. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Nakuul says Pragati is alone in the room and he is seeing her photo. He asks Raghbir to go and watch her live. Harshit comes with the knife in Pragati’s room.