Bepanah Pyaar 14th August 2019 Written Update: Raghbir scolds Pragati!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati asking Raghbir who is at mistake. Malhotra family comes. Raghbir hugs Raghbir. Mask person watches from far. Sushma talks to the mask person and says that whatever he has said she has done exactly the same.

Sushma says she did what Pragati has asked her to do too but she doesn’t know that she has joined hands with Bani’s murderer too.

Malhotra’s worry and accuses Pragati for creating so much of drama and made them face media. Gopi too blames Pragati for creating so mess. Harshit comes and informs that reporters will not go back without taking Raghbir’s statement.

Raghbir comes and says he will answer the media. Media comes inside and showers the question on Bani’s death. Raghbir ask them to question one by one.

Raghbir answers to the questions of the media calmly. He recalls his moments with Bani.

Raghbir ask lady reporter did she is married. Lady reporter says no. Raghbir ask to the other reporter the same questions and explains them through the example. Reporter apologizes to Raghbir and goes away.

Raghbir ask Pragatii from where she found that tape recorder. Pragati tells she found it while dusting store room.

Raghbir goes away. Pragati thinks her whole plan gone in vain.

Malhotra’s selects jewelry and dress for them. Priya gets a call from someone. Shefali notices Priya and thinks why Priya is hanging up the call.

Raghbir yells at Pragati and says she made joke of his and Bani’s love in front of the world. He asks her not to do anything like this ever. Kunti comes and calls Raghbir. She asks him not to scold Pragati, as she is his wife. She praises Pragati in front of Raghbir. Raghbir gets angry and goes.

Kunti ask Pragati not to mind Raghbir’s word. She praises Pragati for her efforts.

Aditi and Shalu scold Shefali and Priya for helping Pragati. Pragati overhears their talk about some party. Priya tells to everyone that she is getting call from Dev. Aditi and Shalu ask her to stay away from Dev. Priya agrees to them. Shefali thinks of a plan to cheer up Priya.

Pragati talks with her father and says she will expose Raghbir at any cost. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati gets drunk and act weirdly at the party. Raghbir looks at her.