Bepanah Pyaar 14th January 2020 Written Update: PRAGATI’S EFFORTS TO IMPRESS CLIENT

The episode starts with Ragbir’s father saying the clients about how united his kids are united and says about the love of Ragbir and Pragati. Pragati comes there and recalls Kunti’s warning. She thinks that even if she say something against Badi Maa Ragbir will never believe her and wonders what to do. Pragati is lost in her thoughts and Ragbir sees her. He calls her from back and Pragati responds. Ragbir asks where is she lost.

Ragbir’s father comes there and asks them to behave all good in front of the guests as the project is his dream project. They agrees. They come to the cabin and behave all lovey dovey in front of the guests and the clients gets impressed with it. Ragbir praises Pragati’s cooking and they plan for a lunch in their house the next day. Pragati promises to cook herself for them.

Pragati comes home and is going upstairs when she hears Kunti talking to someone on phone about the dishes preferred by the client. She says about non veg and sea food and Pragati hears it. She leaves thinking to give her best but it turns out to be a plan of Kunti to spoil Pragati’s plan.

Priya tries contacting Dev but couldn’t catch him as he’s busy with his meetings. She leaves a message to meet her at sunrise cafe and he agrees. She gets happy. Pragati is adamant to go to the market herself as she wants everything perfect for the feast. Ragbir wants to accompany her but Shefali says that she’s feeling bored and offers to accompany Pragati. Ragbir agrees and asks her to take care of Pragati.

Pragati comes back with Shefali after completing her shopping. She finds Sahas in the lawn and asks why’s he sitting alone. He says that he’s feeling headache. Pragati offers to give him a treatment using green grass. She says it’s proved and asks her to walk in bare foot with her in grass. They both walks and Ragbir watches it angry. Sahas says that he feels better and its not because of the grass but because of her.

Pragati smiles and leaves. Pragati sees Ragbir who taunts her about doing grass treatment to Sahas. Pragati mocks him for feeling jealous and leaves. Priya is waiting for Dev but her ex fiancee comes there. She tries leaving but he begs for another chance but she clearly denies.

Pragati is watching cooking videos when Ragbir comes there in the pretext of his belt. They once again argue and in anger Ragbir blurts out his love for her. Pragati smiles and they both fall in eyelock. Kunti sees it angrily. She calls Ragbir and asks what’s he doing there. Ragbir says about his belt. Kunti says that he will servants to move all his stuff from this room to his room. He agrees and leaves. Pragati thinks that she can only exchange things but not their hearts.

Precap : Clients gets up seeing non veg food on table. They say that they are vegetarians. Pragati looks at Kunti and fumes understanding her plan.