Bepanah Pyaar 14th June 2019 Written Update: Prashant tells a shocking truth about Bani to Sanket!

Episode today opens with Pragati. She says to everyone see Sukanya is fraud that’s why she made memory card to fall in the fire intentionally. Sukanya says she mistakenly did it. her father gets angry at Pragati and gestures to go near her but Raghbir interrupts him. He said you wanted to get me married my marriage is done now leave.

Sukanya father said you all have to pay for this insult. Raghbir starts drinking. He thanks Pragati and says you did like the same. You proved Sukanya wrong, good job. Raghbir ask Pragati marriage is done if she wants she can stay here or can leave.

Pragati calls Rashi and ask her what is happening at house. Rashi says everything is good and police too came there. Raghbir father supports Pragati. But his mother says she won’t accept this marriage and leaves the place.

Otherside, Sukanya loses her cool and throws stuff in her room. She gets angry on Pragati. Her manager says to her he don’t know anything how that girl came. He also ask her if she can get any man to marry then why Raghbir. Sukanya says she wants to take revenge from him and will teach him a lesson.

Back at Pragati house her father scolds her. He ask her why she married her boss. Pragati tries to explain but he gets more angry thinking what people of the society will think of him and her. Pragati says they don’t need to bother about people. Pragati’s father health worsens. Rashi brings water for him.

Everyone tells Raghbir that he is married now. Raghbir says then show him his wife. Everyone looks at each other. Raghbir sarcastically tells everyone that they have made fun of him and his love. He tells them he loved only Bani but they everytime ask him to marry, get him to the mandap and the girl runs away. He ask them to stop playing with him.

Raghbir goes to his room and misses Bani. He sees her and hugs her tightly. Pragati ask him to leave her. Raghbir says you and went to sleep. Aditi gets to know that Pragati came and is in Raghbir’s room. She says she will not allow Pragiti to destroy his life. Aditi goes to meet Pragiti.

Raghbir murmurs Bani’s name in sleep. Pragiti takes care of him. She talks to herself, every girl dreams of marriage. She too did the same but she has never though that her marriage will take place like this. She says she even never thought that with whom she will get married will be loving someone else so dearly. Raghbir continues to murmur Bani name in sleep.

Sanket tells his uncle that their plan is failed and now they will be addressed as criminals. The duo hears the news and gets shock learning that Pragiti and Raghbir ends up marrying each other. Prashant tells to Sanket that Sukanya was marrying Raghbir purposely. If she would have married him we would have get to know about the mystery of the house. He tells to Sanket that Bani’s spirit roams around the house. Sanket hets shocked.

Here, Pragati takes photo frame from Raghbir hand and keeps on table. Bani’s face reflected from the frame.

Precape: Raghbir denies his marriage with Pragiti. Otherside, Pragiti is ready to accept the fact that their marriage will not go long way.