Bepanah Pyaar 14th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir’s unconditional love turns unconditional hate for Pragati after truth revelation

The episode starts with Pragati dreaming about her life with Ragbir after knowing the truth. She gets a message from her father who blesses her for her upcoming happy life. She smiles and gets ready in her bridal outfit. Ragbir himself makes her ready. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and they both share an eyelock. He fills her hairline with sindoor and kisses her eyes. He keeps her maang tikka and admires her. He covers her head with red dupatta and says that she looks so beautiful. He confesses his love for Pragati. He comes close to kiss her but she stops him. She confess that she’s not Pragati but his Bani. Ragbir gets shocked but it turns out to be her dream. She hears door knock and leaves to open it.

She opens the door and someone sprats something on her eyes and attacks her. He strangles her with her dupatta when Ragbir knocks the door. He immediately runs away. Pragati after a lots of struggle opens the door but couldn’t open her eyes due to the spray. Pragati panics and says about her attack but Ragbir stands unaffected. He drags her out furious on rain. She says that she wants to say something. Ragbir says that you are not Pragati but Bani. Pragati says that how did he gets to know. He says that she was hiding it because she thinks him to be her murderer right.

He recalls going to Pragati house to get her childhood things without her knowledge. He sees her hospital file where he gets to know that it’s Bani and not Pragati. He also reads her reply message for her father and cries. He says that he was blind in love that he never found her true colours. He says that he like a fool dreamt of having a beautiful future with her but she was playing behind his back. He asks why did she do this revengeful act on him. If she wanted to kill him she would have just killed him but why did she kill him with love. Pragati tries explaining but he doesn’t listen.

Ragbir says that why did she do this with him. He says that she married him betraying, behaved like ideal bahu and also created her own ghost story. He says that she’s the first woman to open her own memorial. He asks why did she do all this. He says that how could she think that he will be her killer. He says that it’s her who’s the killer. He says that he killed eis heart, trust and love. He says that he like a fool always remembered only her. He was self destroying himself in her memories even then how could she think that he’s her killer. He asks why did she bring him back to life. He asks if she wants to kill him.

Precap : he says that all this while she has seen his unconditional love now she’ll see his unconditional hatred for her shocking Bani.