Bepanah Pyaar 15th August 2019 Written Update: Pragati gets drunk and acts weirdly at the Party!

Todays’ episode opens with Priya praising Pragati for making her hairstyle. Shefal too praises Pragati.

Nakul comes and scares Priya. Shefali’s lipstick spreads. Priya gets a call from Dev and she hangs up the call. Nakul tries different dress and shows to them. Pragati says she will help him. Priya gets a call again. Nakul runs with Priya’s phone. Raghbir catches Priya’s mobile and returns her back.

Pragati and Raghbir do argument. Shefali, Priya and Nakul pull Pragati’s leg and say- love is in the air.

Malhotra’s gathers for the party. Aditi gets a call from someone and panics. She takes Shalu away and tells her that Dr. Patel is found nowhere. She doubts on Pragati.

Raghbir takes a drink. Harshit comes and says investors are waiting for him. He asks him to drink later after meeting investors. Raghbir goes away.

Harshit makes Raghbir to meet the investors. They all talk with each other. Raghbir thinks that investors are boring.

Nakul, Priya, Shefali and Harshit missioned to stop Raghbir from drinking. Nakul diverts Raghbir’s mind.

Raghbir recalls his moments with Bani. (Zehanaseeb song plays in the background). Back to reality Raghbir thinks about Bani’s love and gets emotional.

Pragati makes her entry drinking alcohol. She acts drunk and behaves weirdly at the party. Shefali says to Raghbir that Pragati is drunk. Raghbir says she is acting, as she has acted day before similarly.

Raghbir stares at Pragati. Pragati comes to Raghbir. Raghbir ask her to stop her drama.

Aditi, Shalu and Gopi ask Raghbir to control Pragati, as she is insulting them. Raghbir ask them not to worry every time about family’s reputation.

Pragati self-talk and says she will spoil this party so that no investors will think of doing business with Raghbir.

Dev calls Priya. Priya ignores Dev. Dev comes from behind and talks with Priya. Priya ask him not to follow her and goes away.

Aditi stops Pragati and ask her to behave properly. Pragati continues her drama. Shefali and Raghbir enjoys Pragati’s acting. Pragati thinks why Raghbir is not reacting. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati in the party insults Raghbir by taking Bani’s name. She says Raghbir is successful because of Bani. Raghbir looks at Pragati.