Bepanah Pyaar 15th January 2020 Written Update: Pragati Impresses Raghbir’s Investors

The episode starts with the investors getting up angrily from the table since non vegetarian food was served when they are vegetarian. Pragati sees Kunti smirking. She apologizes to the investors saying that servants must have gotten confused and given them their non-veg food.Raghbir asks them to have a sit while waiting for the food to come.

Pragati goes in the kitchen and wonders how to handle everything without servants’ help. Harshit and Kunti smirk and think that Pragati will make the investors upset and Raghbir will get upset with her instead. Kunti asks Harshit to go to sit with the investors.

Pragati is cutting sweet corns and Kunti comes to taunt her saying that she will fail and lose everybody’s trust. Pragati gives it back to her saying that the property is on her name so she will not lose ever.

Later the investors are sitting and waiting for the lunch.

Raghbir comes in the kitchen and scolds Pragati for making non-veg. Pragati thinks that Kunti plotted against her again but how can she tell it to Raghbir. She asks Raghbir to scold her later and help her instead. Pragati makes some snacks with Raghbir’s help. “VeMaahi” plays.

Pragati goes to serve the snacks to the investors and they like it a lot. They praise the food. She thanks them saying that guests are like Gods in our culture and they cannot make God unhappy. She excuses herself to prepare lunch. Shefali receives Pragati’s message asking her to come to kitchen with Priya and Nakul.

Shefali and Priya compliment Pragati for her efforts whereas Nakul is hesitant. Pragati asks him to keep the investors busy for 40 minutes and food will be ready by then.

Later Nakul and Priya show a presentation to the investors about Malhotra family. They give brief introductions about all the family members and also show a small trailer of Pragati and Raghbir’s love story. Everybody smiles seeing Pragati and Raghbir’s picture. Pragati gives drink to the investors. Harshit tells Kunti that if Pragati keeps working like this she will impress the investors and Raghbir will get closer to her too.

Pragati goes to work in kitchen and Sahas comes to help her. Kunti smirks looking at them and recalls telling Sahas to make Pragati do a mistake so Raghbir will get angry on her. Sahas was reluctant at first but Kunti managed to convince him. Kunti thinks that Sahas will do her work. Sahas is about to put a lot of water in chai but Raghbir comes and stops him scolding him. Pragati asks Raghbir to cut the almonds and leave Sahas. Raghbir starts cutting the almonds but keeps an eye on Sahas who is about to drop the chai tray but Raghbir holds him on time. Sahas and Raghbir start arguing again and Pragati gets frustrated. She cries asking them both to leave since they are just ruining her hard work. Raghbir and Sahas recompose immediately and start behaving properly with each other and do their respective work. Kunti thinks that Sahas will listen to his heart only since he got affected by Pragati’s few tears so he will ruin their plan. Sahas and Raghbirkeeps throwing glares at each other but recompose every time Pragati gives them a glare. Kunti thinks that she will have to do something.

Sahas accompanies the investors to the dining table telling them that they will never forget the lunch but the dining table is empty. They ask if the lunch is not ready yet but Pragati comes and tells them that the lunch is ready but they will have to eat on the ground. She explains them the pros of eating on ground and about this Indian tradition. Kunti thinks to insult Pragati and apologizes to the investors for making them eat on banana leaves but Pragati interferes saying that it is very healthy and makes a list of all the advantages of eating while sitting down. The investors are impressed and agree with her. Kunti fumes with anger.

Episode ends

Precap: Harshit warns Pragati saying that there is always night after the sun goes down but Pragati replies saying that there is always daylight after night and one day Raghbir will surely get to know about his dark truth. Harshit tells Kunti that they have to separate Pragati from Raghbir so he can get drown into drinking like before.