Bepanah Pyaar 15th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir and Pragati in pain and Pragati in danger

The episode starts with Pragati asking Ragbir for the last chance. Ragbir says that how many chances does she need. He says that from today he has only hate for her. He says that his unconditional love turned into unconditional hate for her. He leaves in his bike while Pragati falls crying. Badi maa slaps Hritesh and asks him how many times will he mistake. She says that she’s fed up of hearing his different excuses. She says that Pragati’s fate is strong that she keeps escaping every time but she can’t let her know her truth. She drinks and sees their photos. She says that she’ll make sure to separate them.

Ragbir rides his bik5 and recalls all his moments with Pragati. Pragati too sees the way he has gone and recalls all their moments. She hears some bike falling sound and senses it to be Ragbir. It’s Ragbir who fell down. He gets up again and starts the bike. Pragati says that he’s right she shouldn’t be forgiven for her mistake. Ragbir thinks that he loved Bani unconditionally but he was betrayed. He fell in love with Pragati but is betrayed once again. He says that there’s no love in his world. He says that love is dead for him, Pragati is dead, Ragbir is dead. He shouts cries. Bani too cries.

Badi maa fake worries for Ragbir and Pragati and Hritesh says that she’s giving Oscar performance. Ragbir comes home all drunk and Badi maa and everyone gets shocked hearing it. He blabbers something and sees wine. He takes one and gulps it. Ragbir father says that he has quit drinking right. Ragbir says that yes he did quit but he can resume too. Badi maa says that if not for them he should atleast think about Pragati.

Ragbir speaks vexed. Badi maa asks what happened but Ragbir keeps blabbering. He breaks the bottle and one piece hits Badi maa making her bleed. Seeing her bleeding Ragbir hurts himself by breaking the glass. He falls conscious. Hritesh wonders what happened and feels happy if Pragati is dead.

Pragati comes her home but finds the door locked. She recalls her father saying about leaving out of station. She falls crying defeated. Everyone keeps asking Ragbir what happened. He recalls all his moments with Pragati and Bani. Pragati’s phone is switched off and she leaves the place and starts walking aimlessly on road. She recalls all her moments with Ragbir.

Pragati sees Goons who teases her while Pragati gets uncomfortable. They keep knife on her neck and asks her to remove her jewels. She does has they said. They ask for her mangalsutra too but she denies giving it. They show a gun but runs away pushing her seeing some vehicle. She falls in front of a vehicle.

Precap : everyone asks about Pragati to Ragbir.