Bepanah Pyaar 16th January 2020 Written Update: RAGBIR AND PRAGATI GETS A GOOD NEWS

The episode starts with Ragbir and Pragati arguing over the tickets. Ragbir thanks Pragati for her efforts. Pragati thanks Ragbir and Ragbir praises himself for helping her in her works. Ragbir asks does he feel jealous. They both have nok jhok and have food together. Priya is recalling her ex fiancee words about another chance for him. Dev keeps calling Priya but she keeps cutting the call.

Finally she picks up and Dev asks why didn’t she pick up the call. Priya scolds him for not coming even after texting as well as leaving a message in his office. Dev says that he was busy and Priya lashes out at him for always prioritizing everything over her. She says that she feels that they should end their relation. Dev who gets frustrated agrees and cuts the call. Priya fumes hearing it.

Sahas is lost in Ragbir and Pragati’s moments. Pragati comes to Sahas and thanks him for always standing by her side no matter what. She says that she needs him as her friend all his life and Sahas agrees. Pragati leaves and Kunti enters soon. She asks if he has got into Pragati’s words and decides to be friend zoned. She asks him to do something so that the project gets cancel and there’s some tension between Ragbir and Pragati relation. Sahas gets into thinking.

Pragati on her way to room gets stopped by Harshit who tries threatening her once. Pragati gives it back to him and asks him to back off. Kunti hears everything and says Harshit that they should do something to separate Ragbir and Pragati forever.

Ragbir and Pragati gets all ready to go for the investors meeting. Soon Ragbir gets a call and he gets tensed. Everyone looks at him worried. Kunti and Harshit smirks seeing Sahas. But to their shock Ragbir says that they don’t have to go to the meeting as the deal got finalized. Everyone gets so happy and congratulates Ragbir and Pragati. Pragati and Ragbir hugs each other in happiness and Sahas fumes. So does Harshit and Kunti. Pragati and Ragbir realize their position and apologizes feeling embarrassed. Everyone praises Pragati and Ragbir asks to give some credit to him too.

Priyanka says that it’s because of Pragati’s quick Veg cooking that everyone got impressed and shower praises on her. Ragbir’s mother says that both are equally responsible for it and also says that they both are incomplete without each other. Shefali asks for party but Her mother scolds her saying that she needs to go to college as she has only 35% attendance. Shefali leaves irritated while the family complaints about Shefali avoiding to go to college these days. Pragati recalls party day and decides to have a talk with Shefali.

Precap : Pragati says about some proof to Ragbir and shows the video clip to him.