Bepanah Pyaar 16th September 2019 Written Update: Harshit again tries to kill Pragati!

Today’s episode starts with Harshit thinking how Pragati regained consciousness. He receives a call from someone and says Pragati’s luck favored her today but it will not always favor her. He says Pragati will die today only.

Priya ask Dev to go. The duo talks with each other and goes away. Priya recalls Pragati’s word and looks for Dev. Dev gets happy seeing Priya’s restlessness. Priya ask him to make a fresh start with having coffee together. Dev agrees.

Pragati wakes up and she was about to step out from bed. Raghbir ask what she is doing. Pragati says she is getting bored sitting in the room. Raghbir ask her not to step down and if she needs anything she can call him. He gives her the magazine and asks her to pass her time reading it.

Raghbir goes and comes back. Pragati ask what happened he says he forgot his charger. Raghbir walks in and out and makes excuses in front of Pragati. He secretly adores Pragati. Pragati sees Raghbir. She asks what he is looking hiding. Raghbir says he is looking for a charger. Pragati says but he took. Raghbir says he is looking for laptop charger. He keeps going in and out. Pragati thinks what happened to Raghbir why he is behaving wired.

Shefali says to Priya that she is lucky that Dev loves her a lot.  She says she too is waiting for her prince charming. Shefali gets a call and someone and the person from the other ask her to come for the forest campaign. She agrees. Meanwhile,Priya gets ready and ask Shefali how she is looking. Shefali praises her and hugs her.

Raghbir looks at Pragati’s pictures. Nakuul comes and ask Raghbir to go and watch Pragati live. The duo talks with each other. Nakuul praises Pragati. Raghbir stands shocked hearing his words.

Pragati tells to someone that Raghbir is avoiding her but she will keep eye on him. She hangs up the call. Pragati tries to fill her glass with water but the jug falls down. Pragati feels someones’s presence in the room and ask who is there. She was about to fall but Raghbir catches her. Harshit gets angry on Raghbir.

Raghbir and Pragati shares an eye-lock (Maahi song plays in the background). He picks Pragati in his arm and keeps her on bed. Raghbir scolds Pragati for stepping out in the night alone. He says seeing the burning car he thought. Pragati completes the sentence and says he thought she died. Raghbir yells and ask Pragati to shut up. He says he already lost Bani and can’t afford to lose and stops in between. Pragati looks at Raghbir. Raghbir leaves the room and says he will send someone to clean the room.

Priya goes with Dev. Dev praises Priya and tells her that he has booked a table for her at 5 star hotel. Dev’s car stops in between. Priya ask what happened. He tells to Priya that car’s tier is at fault. He further asks her to sit inside the car. Priya thinks to message Pragati and inform her.

Pragati thinks Raghbir fears losing her and its true. Bani come and say that was truth too what Raghbir did with her in Manali. Bani’s inner voice fills Pragati’s mind against Raghbir. Dev ask Priya to close her eyes. He takes Priya and asks her to open her eyes. He arranged pani puri date for Priya and Priya gets happy. The duo shares quality time together. Pragati waits for Raghbir and sleeps.  Harshit comes with the knife in Raghbir’s room. Pragati opens her eyes.(Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir ask Pragati how she always comes to save him whenever he is in difficulty. Other side Harshit thinks Pragati will have to pay for his pain.