Bepanah Pyaar 17th January 2020 Written Update: SAHAS SPOILS PRAGATI’S PROOF AGAINST HARSHIT

The episode starts with Pragati and Ragbir having their usual romance filled nok jhok. Heer visits Ragbir and Pragati to promote her show. Pragati leaves to drop Heer in market. Pragati on her way recalls Harshit’s threat. She says that it’s necessary for her to bring Harshit’s truth out in front of everyone. Pragati sees cctv and thinks that her kidnapping footage would have been recorded for sure.

Pragati visits cctv room and asks for 6th January cctv footage. He says it was Sunday and office was closed. Pragati still checks the footage and finds everything recorded. She gets happy and copies the footage in her pen drive. She comes out and finds her car punctured. She’s mm about to take a cab when Sahas intervenes. Sahas offers her a drive and Pragati thanks him. Sahas thinks that it’s him who got her tire punctured.

Everyone gets confused when the light gets switched off. They finds the projector switched on. Pragati says Ragbir that he blindly trust his family members but few are taking advantage of it. She says that it’s Harshad who kidnapped her and today she has proof against it. She plays the footage and it has something else instead of the cctv footage shocking Pragati. In the flashback it’s seen that Pragati saying Sahas about finding proof against Harshit. Sahas sneaks into her room and changes the pen drive.

Harshit’s wife lashes out at Pragati asking her the reason for blaming Harshit when alm he did was saving her by taking the bullet. Pragati gets confused while Kunti smirks that now it will separate Ragbir and Pragati relation. Pragati decides to play smart and starts acting. She acts crying and apologizes Harshit and his wife too. She apologizes Ragbir too who feels sorry for her and runs away. Kunti and Harshit fumes at their failed plan.

Priya is recalling her fight with Dev and waits for his call. She gets Asgar’s message who apologizes for his mistake and asks a second chance from her. He asks her to meet him the next day at 9 am in the same cafe while Priya gets thinking.

Sahas says that it’s because of them they were about to get caught. Kunti thanks him for changing the footage. Sahas says that he’ll separate Ragbir and Pragati at any cost.