Bepanah Pyaar 17th July 2019 Written Update: Pragati decides to confront Raghbir


Today’s episode opens with Kunti asking Raghbir how he got that mark. Raghbir made an excuse. Pragati looks at him.

Priya asks Shalu why she is stilling giving her the medicine. She shows the report and says excessive dose can damage the brain. Priya throws the medicine in the dustbin. Aditi hears their talk, takes it out and thinks something.

Pragati comes back to her room, recalls the last night incident, and relates it with Raghbir’s mark. She thinks how Raghbir’s hand got that mark. She says she is overthinking. Pragati says now the key will only bring out the truth.

Raghbir talks with Kunti. Otherside, Aditi goes to  kunti’s room and changes the medicine with Priya’s medicine. Kunti tries to convince Raghbir and asks him to accept Pragati, as she is his wife. Kunti emotionally blackmails him. Aditi hears their footstep and gets scared. Raghbir says to Kunti that he is ready to do whatever she says. He asks Kunti did she took her medicine or not. Raghbir goes to bring the medicine. Aditi hides behind the curtain.

Raghbir gives the changed medicine to Kunti. Kunti sleeps.

Pragati collides with Raghbir. Pouch falls from Pragati’s hand and she searches for it. Raghbir shows her the pouch and asks if she is searching that.

Pragati asks him to give pouch back to her. Raghbir says he wants to see what inside. Pragati thinks if Raghbir is the muderer than he will get to know seeing the key that she is close to find the Bani’s culprit. She asks Raghbir to return her the pouch. Pragati falls in Raghbir’s arms. The duo shares an eye lock.

Raghbir gets adamant to check the pouch. He opens it. Pragati gets scared and closes her eyes. Raghbir without seeing the pouch gave it back to Pragati.

Sanket sees the car which Pragati has shown her. He thinks to check who is inside. Sanket asks his driver to follow the car.

Pragati comes inside the dark room and tries to find out about the key. She opens a cupboard and unknowingly hurts her hand. She gets shocked seeing a secret locker inside the cupboard. She takes out the key but gets shocked seeing the nail instead of key. She gets tensed thinking who took the key from the pouch. She recalls the moment with Raghbir and concludes Raghbir smartly took the key from the pouch.

The mask person looks at the key. Sanket asks his driver to match the speed of the car. He instructs his driver to follow the car. He asks the person why he is keeping an eye on Pragati. The hoody person downs the car window and Sanket gets shocked seeing the person.

Pragati says she can’t believe that Raghbir is the real culprit, as she has seen him crying for Bani. She decides to confront Raghbir about Bani’s murder.

Sukanya ask Sanket to move away from her car.

Sanket asks Sukanya why she is keeping an eye on Pragati. Sukanya asks the same question to Sanket. Sanket out of tension reveals to her that he is helping Pragati to find out Bani’s truth. Sukanya asks Sanket what he means by that. Pragati searches for Raghbir. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati finds the key at Raghbir’s room and gets shocked. Raghbir ask her what she is doing at his room.

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