Bepanah Pyaar 17th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir throws Pragati out of the office

The episode starts with Ragbir scolding his employees without any fault of them. Pragati comes there and Ragbir gets furious seeing her. He asks why’s she here. He asks if she’s here to see if he’s dead or alive. Pragati tries explaining but he turns deaf ears. He keeps blaming her for spoiling his trust and life and denies forgiving her. He asks her to stay out of his life. He calls security and they hesitate to come. Later after lots of hesitation they take Pragati out and Ragbir looks unaffected. Pragati is taken out despite her protests.

Ragbir takes pills and once again starts drinking. Pragati is seen walking on the road lost in Ragbir’s thoughts. A vehicle is about to hit her and the driver scolds her. Pragati says that it’s true that she did a mistake but its not that big of a mistake. She asks how could he forget her in a second. She says that she loves him truly and asks for a chance from him.

Ragbir being drunk explains the presentation to the investors in half drowsy state. He sees a fly and tries hitting it confusing everyone. He throws things to catch it while Harshit tries stopping him but in vain. He asks the investors to even remove their cost so that he could check them. They gets irked with him. He finally catches the fly and calms down. The investors badmouth Ragbir and their company and Harshit scolds them. He explains them the situation and asks them for a second chance. They agrees for Harshit and leaves. Harshit asks Ragbir what’s wrong with him. Ragbir says about him missing Pragati and asks him to handle the project and leaves.Harshit gets happy once he leaves and says that he don’t want a single project but the whole company for himself. He then kisses the name board of the company.

Ragbir gets inside the car and recalls all the moments with Pragati. He says that neither he could get over her nor the pain. A wrestling match is taking place with everyone hooting for someone. Two people were fighting and one person beats the other easily. It happens for the same to the other person. He challenges if there’s anyone who wants to fight him so that he could make anyone forget their pain. Ragbir raises his hand and everyone asks him to leave as he can’t manage. However Ragbir enters paying and they start fighting. Ragbir easily handles him but then says that he can easily knock out him but he won’t do it. He asks him to keep beating him and if he stops then he’ll definitely kill him. He starts beating him furiously. Ragbir feels that this pain is no where equal to the one he got because of Pragati.