December 6, 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar 18th July 2019 Written Update :- Raghbir falling for Pragati!

Today’s episode open with Ragbhir asks to home keeper about Raghbir. Aditi asks to Shalu why she is looking for Raghbir. Sahlu says Pragati is up to something, as she looks angry too. Pragati bumps into kunti. Kunti feels dizzy Pragati takes her to room. Pragati gives her water. The duo talks with each other. Kunit tells Pragati about Raghbir’s nature. She tells Pragati that Raghbir is short tempered and loses his control and in anger he sometimes raises hand on the person. Pragati asks do he can kill someone too. Kunti gets tensed hearing Pragati and panics. Pragati clams her down.

Pragati hears some sound and goes to check. She asks who is there. Raghbir comes out, as he was fixing his car. He shows his garage to Pragati. Pragati asks silly questions, Raghbir replies her sarcastically. She thinks Raghbir is the victim or the culprit she will ask to him directly.

Raghbir fixes his car and asks Pragati to help her. Raghbir hurts his hand, Pragati worries for him. The duo shares an eye lock. Raghbir ask to Pragati why she came here. Pragati says she knows he gets annoyed whenever see her. Raghbir wipes the black paint from Pragati’s cheek. He asks Pragati which car she likes. Pragati recalls Prashant’s accident and says she don’t like car. Raghbir ask why, Pragati tells because she has seen someone’s accident.

Pragati finds the same car at Raghbir’s garage and gets shocked. Raghbir asks for cotton. Pragati brings, Raghbir asks her to join him to the office. Kunti asks Raghbir where he is going. Raghbir tells her that he is going office. He tells her that he is waiting for Pragati. Kunti gets excited hearing Raghbir is Pragati is going out together. Kunti again feels dizzy. Raghbir says he will call doctor. Kunti asks him to go office, as she is fine.

Pragati recalls the key incident. Raghbir says he doubts that she is planning something against him. Pragati thinks she will behave normal in front of him else he will be alert. The duo talks with each other. Raghbir and Pragati laughs while talking. Raghbir comes to the office. Staffs greet Raghbir. Manager asks Raghbir to sign the papers. Pragati looks at Raghbir while he was working. Later, Raghbir too looks at Pragati. Their eyes meet and Pragati tries to avoid Raghbir.

Pragati asks Raghbir why he was staring at her. Raghbir says like that only. Pragati says do he was imaging Bani in her. Raghbir looks at her and says No. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati finds the key in Raghbir’s drawer. Raghbir asks what she is doing at his room. Pragati goes inside the dark room and gets stunned looking at Kunti.

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