Bepanah Pyaar 18th June 2019 Written Update: Pragati sees marks on her hand!

Episode today opens with Pragati meeting with her Dad. They both share a hug. Her Dad said sorry to her. Pragati ask him not to say sorry. Her dad ask about the new family and Raghabir. Pragati lies to her father and tells some story.

Pragati’s father ask her to make a healthy relationship with Raghbir. He tells her that Raghbir is still not over from his first wife memories so try to restart a life with him. His father makes her understand that she needs to help Raghbir to overcome from his past memories. Pragati hears the same noise of which she heard last night. She looks at her hand and finds some marks. She says that house is mysterious. There is something which we can feel but can’t see.

Back at Raghbir’s house she hears some sound and follows the sound. Raghbir is seen hitting the nail and talks himself that Bani will get happy after seeing her birthday surprise. Raghbir hurts his hand, Pragati runs to check the wound. Raghbir imagines Bani and ask her why she came. Bani searches for first-aid box. He says why you came there as he was planning surprise for her. He says you ruined his surprise. Bani get teary. He apologizes her and ends up filling Pragati’s forehead with his blood. He looks surprisingly at her and goes out. Pragati recalls her marriage with him looking at the mirror.

Raghbir’s cousin talks to themselves that they need to do something, as his health is worsening day by day. Raghbir big brother suggests them a plan. They try to divert Raghbir’s mind. Ragbhir ask Priya where you are lost. Raghbir plays his favorite song on guitar. His cousin says Raghbir forgot his happy song everyone looks at him. Blood oozes out from his hand while playing guitar, Raghbir thinks of Bani and sings song for her.
Sukanya tears a newspaper and ask her manager did he do her work. He said yes but is she sure she wants to do that. Sukanya says Pragati can’t stop her and can’t win from her and smiles.

Pragati takes her luggage and opens a door. She looks at her marks. She says who to tell what happened last night. She thinks with whom she can share such things. She recalls grandmother’s words.
Pragati comes to Raghbir’s grandmother room and says she wants to meet her. Biji ask Pragati to sit and says do you want to say something. Pragati says she don’t know how to tell but says that someone in this house don’t like her. Biji gets tensed hearing her.

Priya recalls Raghbir’s words and says I wish I could share things with you. She says she is not well. Priya looks at her parents. Her father receives a call from someone and gets happy. He tells Shalu that he receives a call from seth who has lots of sweets shop, he asked Priya’s hand for his son. Priya hears them and cries.
Biji tells Pragati about Raghbir and Bani’s strong bond of love. She says don’t expect any love or relation with Raghbir as he has only loved Bani and has nothing to give you. Biji says you can only get his wife’s right that’s it. Lights of Biji’s room fluctuate. Meanwhile, Pragati tells some women entered her room last night. Biji shocked, vase gets broken. Pragati shows her marks Biji gets stunned.

Raghbir sees doctor. Raghbir shouts on his brother for calling the doctor. Raghbir yells at doctor and ask him to get out. Raghbir imagines flashback with Bani when Pragati explains him why doctor came.

Precape: Aditi and other ladies of the house discuss how they will stop Pragati to scoop out the truth. She how they will stop her to learn what happened Bani at this house. Doctor tells Pragati that she can only help Raghbir by becoming Bani. Pragati gets shocked.