Bepanah Pyaar 18th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir fights with his family

The episode starts with Ragbir getting beaten up badly. He recalls Pragati saying that she’s not Pragati but Bani. Pragati walks lost in the road. She sees Ragbir’s car outside the fight place and rushes in. Dev tries lifting everyone’s mood but no one is in the mood to enjoy. Dev also sees Ragbir’s car and informs others. Ragbir is severely injured and falls down unconscious. All his beautiful memories with Pragati comes in front of him. Pragati sees Ragbir wounded and cries. She asks why’s he doing all this. He says that he’s in pain and did all this only to reduce this pain. She asks if his pain is reduced. He says no and says that it only increased. Pragati mocks him saying that he was in pain because of Bani when she was Pragati, then he’s in pain with Pragati when she changed to Bani. She says that wherever he goes her pain will haunt him and smile. It turns out to be his dream.

Pragati sees him injured but before she could reach him his family reaches him. They rush towards him. Pragati decides to not upset him more by coming in fron6 of him in this condition. Ragbir’s brother asks the fighter how dare he raises his hands on his brother. The fighter says that it’s his brother who asked to beat the hell out of him to forget his pain. Pragati hears and cries hard and leaves. Harshit sees Ragbir beaten up video and someone records everything for him and he enjoys it

Ragbir wakes up and everyone scolds him. His father asks what’s wrong with him and why’s he behaving this way. He says that he knows how he behaved with investors and asks what’s wrong with him. They asks him about Pragati and Ragbir gets irked hearing it. He asks why they keep asking about Pragati to him and asks them to create a statue for her and worship her. He’s about to leave but Badi maa stops him. She says that they will ask as Pragati is the house’s bahu and thy will definitely worry for her. Ragbir denies saying about the problem between them and asks them to leave him in peace. He asks them to file a complaint or do whatever they want but just leaves him alone. Badi maa says that she’s his mother and says how much she loves him. Ragbir asks her not to love him and asks who asked her to live him. He throws some hateful words on her and leaves. Badi maa stands shocked.

Pragati is worried about Ragbir. Sahas calls her for food but she doesn’t respond. He sees her crying and tries lifting her mood up with some jokes but Pragati keeps crying.. Sahas asks why’s she keeps crying and Pragati says that he’ll not understand her condition. She says that he’ll never understand her position. He advises her not to worry and says that all her problems will be taken care of by God.

Nakul brings juice for him and starts leave but Ragbir stops him. He scolds Ragbir for his behavior. He advises him and Ragbir to feel better.

Precap: Harshit gets replaced in the place of Ragbir in the company. Harshit sends Ragbir’s photo to Pragati