Bepanah Pyaar 18th September 2019 Written Update: Harshit knows Pragati is Bani!

Today’s episode starts with  and adores the sleeping Pragati. He thinks to sleep in the room else Pragati will again walk away to do new stunt. Kunti wishes Harshit o his wedding anniversary. Raghbir and others wishes him too. Priya stands upset. Pragati reads Priya’s face. Harshit informs them that he has kept surprise party for Tina.

Someone keeps a gift box outside the door for Pragati. Nakuul receives the gift. Priya tells to Shefali and Nakuul that Harshit kept party tonight and she promised Dev that she will be meeting him today.

Nakuul ask Priya to invite Dev too for the party. Priya refuses and fears Gopi and Shalu thinking if they will come to know than they will not allow her to meet Dev. Raghbir and Pragati says to Priya that they will talk with them.

Raghbir and Pragati goes to Shalu and Gopi talk with Shalu and Gopi. After hearing Dev’s name Gopi refuses to invite Dev. Shalu too supports Gopi. Priya gets upset after knowing Gopi’s decision. Nakul informs Pragati about the parcel.

Pragati opens the gift and sees the blood. Harshit enjoys seeing her restlessness from far. Pragati opens the box and sees some mask. She found letter too that reads he knows her real identity.

Harshit in flashback thinks how doctor told him about Bani’s DNA. He says he knows she is Bani. Pragati goes to Prashant and shows him the scarf and says someone knows she is Bani. Harshit sees Prashant and Pragati from far.

Tina comes back home and family gives her the surprise. Later, Dev comes and Raghbir tells to Priya how he and Pragati convinced Shalu and Gopi. Priya gets happy knowing that Shalu and Gopi said yes to invite Dev. Gopi says but he will examine Dev till than they have to maintain a distance. Priya agrees.

Harshit’s anniversary party begins. Nakul plays guitar and Harshit performs a song for Tina. Raghbir and Pragati and other do a couple dance.  (Tu Nazm Nazm plays songs in the background). Dance gets over and Harshit excuses himself. He further asks Pragati to accompany him on the terrace as he wants to some her some surprise.

Pragati goes with Harshit and ask where surprise is. Harshit asks Pragati go ahead if she wants to see the surprise. Raghbir looks for Pragati.

Pragati says she can’t see anything. Harshit ask her to bend a little. He gestures to push Pragati. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir saves Pragati. Pragati faints. Doctor tells that Pragati is suffering from phobia. Kunti ask what it is, doctor tells patient fears from the height. Raghbir gets confused. Pragati hugs Raghbir while sleeping. Raghbir sleeps with Pragati holding her tightly.