August 22, 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar Bepanah Pyaar Written Update Buzzing Hot Colors

Bepanah Pyaar 19th July 2019 Written Update – Pragati finds the key from Raghbir’s shoe!

Today’s episode opens with Raghbir takes his files and goes Paragati gets a call from Sanket, he asks her to meet him. Pragation yells at Sanket and says she knew he was lying and was supporting Sukanya. Sanket tells her that Sukanya is bani’s friend.

Sukanya tells Pragati why she wanted to marry Pragati. She shows Pragati her and Bani’s picture. The trio discusses the plan to expose the real culprit. Sukanya asks if she has doubt o someone. Pragati says but it will only prove once she will get the key. She tells Sanket and Sukanya about key incident. Sukanya helps Pragati and tells her the way to find the key. She reveals the secret of Malhotra’s family what Bani has told her. She tells Pragati where she can search the key.

Raghbir imagines Pragati after drinking instead of Bani. Pragati comes and Raghbir ask her to go out from his house. The duo talks with each other. Later, as per Sukanya’s instruction Pragati checks Raghbir’s shoe and finds the key. She gets shocked and Raghbir shouts at her and ask what she is doing there?
Kuldeep asks Shefali about Raghbir and Pragati. Shefali tells her that they both come separately. The duo talks with each other.

Raghbir stops Pragati and ask what she was doing with his closet. Pragati makes an excuse and ask him to sleep. raghbr comes close to Pragati and pins her to the wall. The duo shares an eye lock. Kuldeep comes and interrupts them. She says she entered at the wrong time and gestures to go. Raghbir stops her and says they weren’t doing anything. Kuldeep holds Raghbir’s ear and says why he was drinking.

Pragati recalls her moment with Raghbir. She thinks and says Raghbir seems a good soul but then how he killed Bani. Pragati self-talk to herself and decides to find the truth to unveil the real culprit.
Pragati goes inside the dark room and sees someone. She asks who is standing. Kuldeep turns and Pragati gets shocked seeing her. She asks Kuldeep what she is doing here. Kuldeep says she used to love doing painting. She says whenever Raghbir goes out Bani used to spend lots of time in this room. Kuldeep tells more facts about Bani.

Further, Kuldeep says to Pragati that the work she has come to do here can be easily done with her help. Pragati asks Kuldeep about the work. Kuldeep says to her that she will bid adieu to Bani’s spirit. She tells her that for Raghbir’s future it is necessary to send Bani’s spirit away. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir carries Pragati in his arms to the temple and fills her hairline with the sindoor.

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