October 24, 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar 19th September 2019 Written Update: Pragati suffers from Acrophobia| Harshit plans to kill Pragati

Today’s episode starts with Pragati saying she isn’t able to see anything. Harshit about to push Pragati. Pragati recalls how in Manali she has fallen from the cliff. Raghbir saves Pragati. Pragati faints. Doctor tell to the family that Pragati is going through acrophobia. Kunti ask what it is. Doctor explains the patient fears height. Raghbir gets confused. Doctor ask not to leave Pragati alone. Harshit apologies Raghbir for taking Pragati to the terrace as he didn’t know, she fears height. Raghbir ask Harshit not to say sorry as none knew about Pragati’s acrophobia.

Raghbir takes care of Pragati. (Maahi ve song plays in the background) later, Pragati hugs Raghbir while sleeping. Raghbir hugs back Pragati and the duo sleeps together.  In the morning Raghbir Pragati feels awkward. Raghbir explains to Pragati that she first hold hand. Pragati thanks Raghbir for taking care of her.

Prashant thinks he will take care of Pragati because she is not save. Pragati thanks Prashant for always standing by her side. Prashant sees Harshit can walk properly and thinks he needs to keep eye on him. He follows Harshit. Shefali and her friends talk about Raghav. Raghav hears Shefali’s talk and laughs.

Kunit says to pragati that she will tie black thread to her so that she don’t fear from anything. Raghbir refuses to go for a meeting. Pragati insits him. Raghav sends food for orphanage children. Shefali gets impressed hearing Raghva’s word. Raghav praises Shefali.

Here, Harshit beats some man and ask him to fast tell him about Pragati’s past. Prashant follows Harshit. Harshit hits him and gives weird smile to him. He beats Prashant. Harshit thinks Prashant breathes his last but Prashant beats Harshit back.

Precap: Hashit chases Prashant. Prashant calls and tells to Pragati that he got to know about mask man. Harshit unveils his darker side to Pragati.

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